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George Grant

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George Grant [1787-1862] was the son of Rev Alexander Grant, minister of Cawdor, and his wife Grizel Fraser, of the Frasers of Culduthel. On the recommendation of his mother's brother, he was taken into the business of John Gladstone of Liverpool in 1805 and formed a partnership with him in 1812. They traded with Demerara and the Caribbean islands, and to the Canadian maritimes, buying fish and timber for plantations in the West Indies. A third partner, John Wilson, who was active in Demerara, was taken into the business in 1819 to form John Gladstone, Grant and Wilson.

In 1819 Grant travelled to India to investigate the possibility of using indentured Indian labourers on West Indian plantations, but he was badly affected by the climate and returned the following year. He was replaced by Francis Mackenzie Gillanders, a relation of Gladstone's wife.

In 1828 Grant married Robina Ross, in Inverness. He lived in Liverpool, in Rodney Street, at Rose Mount house in Wallasey, and finally in Gambier Terrace.



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