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MacQueen (Applecross)

Donald and Archibald Macqueen were the sons of Jean (or Jane) Macrae of Inverinate, and Rev John Macqueen of Applecross [History of the Clan Macrae]. Jean’s three brothers were planters in Demerara.

The first reference to a Macqueen in the colony is the return of an arrested runaway slave in 1804.

Donald Macqueen registered his intention to leave the colony in 1806 but was in Essequebo in 1815, when he became 2nd Lieutenant in the Militia.

Archibald (c1787-1871) is first recorded in 1812, when he acted as executor of the estate of his uncle Alexander Macrae, on Plantation New Hope. In this capacity he put up for sale a newly built schooner, the household furniture, livestock and the house servants:

A middle-aged Woman, with her three Children, of nine, eleven, and twelve years of age - the mother is an excellent washerwoman, and the eldest boy a good house-servant.

In 1815 he announced his intention to leave the colony but was again recorded in 1817 acting for his uncle Colin Macrae.

He appears again in 1836, acting as an executor along with his cousin Alexander Macrae.

Archibald died in Musselburgh, near Edinburgh, in 1871, aged 84 [GROS 689/00 0101].

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