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Highland Scots - Frasers from Inverness & area:
Fraser of Kingillie

For family tree see Thomas Fraser (Kingillie) on Ancestry (subscription required)

In 1803 Thomas (Tom) Fraser of Kingillie (Kingelly on the map of 1832 below) was working at plantation Paradise, which belonged to his cousins, the Belladrum Frasers - Thomas's mother was Christian Fraser of Belladrum. Later Edward Fraser of Reelig, in a letter to his mother, commented that he heard Tom Fraser 'not very well spoken off'.

In 1804 he bought the middle third of Nos 15 & 16 on the West Sea Coast of Berbice, consisting of 333 acres, along with 33 enslaved people. He granted a mortgage over Kingilly in Scotand to finance the purchase 

By 1807 Thomas was in poor health, talked of going home and was seeking a position with a company in Glasgow.

However, in 1812 he was still in the colony and subscribed his name to an address to the veteran colonist Thomas Cuming.


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