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Will of Hector Mackenzie, Berbice

Will of Hector MacKenzee , Proprietor of Plantation Dunrob , Berbice 22 March 1806 PROB 11/1440

Hector MacKenzie of the plantation Dunrobin . . . East Coast of this colony . . . beng in a weak state of health

• For the benefit if the ? orphan chamber the sum of fifty guiders
• John Grant in plantation Hope and Experience the sum of one thousand pounds sterling money of Great Britain
• Mr John Ross of ? and his ? daughter the sum of one hundred pounds sterling
• My loving brother John Mackenzie of Saint Andrews in New Brunswick, North America and to each and every one of his daughters the sum of five hundred pounds sterling of Great Britain
• My loving sisters Betty Christie and Janet Mackenzie of the parish of North Britain twenty ? pounds ? annually during their natural lives
• My mulatto daughter Rose the sum of one thousand pounds sterling money of Great Britain
• I will that my negro servant named Nancy be made free from all ? of slavery . . . and also will and direct that a house will be put up for her on the plantation Dunrobin and that she with the negro girl I have made over to her named Charlotte live there an dbe allowed proper provision for ?
• To the children of my ? ? named Ann, Margaret and Elizabeth Mackenzie in the parish of Cloyn in the County of Sutherland thirty pounds sterling each

[remainder of estate to his brother John]

Demerara and Essequebo Gazette
Saturday, the 27th of July, 1805
NOTICE [heading]
Among the various Claims given in to the Subscribers against the Estate of the dec'd: Hector M'Kenzie, several are of a nature which require proper Vouchers and an Adjustment before they can be allowed.
All those therefore who have Claims of the above description and have neglected to produce such Vouchers, are desired to come forward without delay to the Subscribers, in order to prevent their being excluded from an Amicable settlement, which must shortly take place of the other Demands.
John Ross.
Berbice, 27th July 1805. John Fraser. Executors


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