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John MacGregor (Pulrossie)

John MacGregor [1787-1817]

In 1812 John MacGregor ‘sometime residing in the colony of Berbice . . . now residing at Pulrossie’ granted a power attorney to Donald Ross, planter in Berbice, to recover debts due to him which he had been unable to recover when he left the colony. [National Archives of the Netherlands, Dutch Series Guyana, Inventaris nr. AZ.8.50]

In 1792 on the Balnagowan estate of Sir Charles Lockhart-Ross, two sheep farms were created; Glen Cassley and Tutimtarvach in Strath Oykel. The tenants were William, James and Duncan McGregor. William and James took the west side of Glen Cassley, and Duncan became tenant of the lands of Tutimtarvach. He also later became tenant of Pulrossie on the Skibo estate, where he was resident at his death in 1818. The MacGregors may well have come from Perthshire. Duncan also took over the lease of the small Rosehall estate, (which included the east side of Glen Cassley). [Malcolm Bangor-Jones, ‘Sheep farming in Sutherland in the eighteenth century’ in AgHR 50, II, pp. 181-202]

In November 1817 John MacGregor, son of Duncan MacGregor, died at Pulrossie, aged 30 [Inverness Journal, 7 November 1817]

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