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Susanne Kerr's will

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Will of Susanne Kerr [Inglis papers, Inverness museum]

Demerary 1814

In the name of God Amen, I Susanne Kerr, alias Inglis, free mulatto native of the island of St Vincent now residing in this colony at present in good health and in perfect possession of all my mental faculties but considering the uncertainty of life think it proper to make my last will and testament as follows viz

1st I request my friends will cause my remains to be decently interred but my funeral to be attended with no unnecessary expence

2nd I bequeath to the colonial poor the sum of twenty two guilders Hollands currency

3rd I hereby positively exclude the Honourable Orphan Chamber from having any interference whatsoever in my affairs

4th I nominate and appoint George Inglis of Inverness in Scotland, the Honourable John Wilson of this colony and David Baxter Esq also of this colony to be my executors

5th I bequeath all my wearing apparel to my sister Nanette Kerr in the island of St Vincent

6th All my trinkets I give and bequeath to my daughter Helen Inglis

7th All the negro slaves I at present possess, namely Charlotte, Pamela, Betsey, Jeanny, Roxanna, Marion, Sally , Kitty, Jack, Ned, Lewis, John, William, Christmas and Chirstie, and all others that I may be possessed of at the time of my death together with all my other goods, chattles, ready money, monies due to me and all my property of any description, I request my executors to convert it into money as soon after my decease as can be done to the best advantage and after defraying the expence of my funeral and paying my just debts if there are any owing by me, the clear residue of my effects I will and bequeath as follows viz.

To each of my sons Robert Macdowell, William Inglis Lieutenant of Infantry in the Honourable the British East India Company, Hugh Inglis and George Inglis the sum of one hundred pounds sterling as a mark of my affection for them and in consideration of all my sons being now in such situations in the world as to enable them to support themselves comfortably I hereby will and bequeath to whole residue of the money for which my effects may be sold to my daughter Helen Inglis. This last bequest subject to the approbation of the before mentioned George Inglis Esquire one of my executors to be my him either paid to my daughter or invested in the purchase of an annuity for her life.

This done in George Town Demerary this fifteenth day of April one thousand eight hundred and fourteen.

Susanne X Kerr her mark
Signed in the presence of witnesses
Henry Tulloh, Phineas Mackintosh, Will: B Payne, William Munro, Hugh B Williams, Chas Simson, A Grant


Inventory of the effects of Susanne Kerr decd taken this 23rd day of June 1814
Charlotte, Pamilla, Betsey, Jenny, Roxanna, Maryann, Sally, Kitty, Jack, Ned, John mulatto boy, William, Christmas, Christie
a co? 7 silver table spoons
40 silver tea spoons
a cloths press
a small table
a side board
a bedstead and two matrasses
a feather bed
10 chairs
2 sofas
a silver nutmeg grater given her by Mrs WIlson
a trunk with a parcel of old clothes given to her servants
2 trunks bequeathed to her sister with wearing apparel
2 looking glasses
an old chest drawers
a large tray
a wash hand stand, basin & ewer
a small liquor case with one flask
a parcel glass ware
some plates
2 small boxes cont. bills, pa?  , weights etc etc
trinkets bequeathed to her daughter
10 pairs earings and one odd one
2 garnet necklaces
5 finger rings
a gold ornament for the head
a gold thimble
a silver watch
a miniature of R McDowall her son
2 lockets with hair
2 pair bracelets

in the presence of Robert Hopkins and Dond McPherson

Will attested before Thomas Maccoughy, clerk, by John Wilson in presence of S E Simson and James Shanks

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