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The Orwell Standing Stones, Milnathort, Kinross

It is easy to imagine with our modern minds how the early people of our country derived their buildings with form following function; materials at hand and the rudimentary understanding of stability and span realised in circular huts extended to long houses and for the more ambitious, brochs and crannogs. But more important to them was the unseen, the spirits of the landscape ensuring survival or denying it; of their place in their patch of landscape beneath an awe inspiring cosmos. And they didn't need an apple to fall to realise that so much of this was bound by forces unseen, but felt at every move.

Way before any church spire reached for heaven, our ancestors were straining against the unseen forces of gravity to upturn large segments of rock to mark their place in that cosmos, somehow conversing with those forces, those unseen spirits of their existence.

These are a pair of standing stones, imposing on the skyline. A third is somewhere here too, collapsed into the soil. Any astrological alignment is unknown here, but we can imagine that amazing sense of connectivity our ancestors realised and how that evolved into ever more ambitious projects. Carbon dating of nearby finds suggests that they have been standing here for 2000 years.






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