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Everyone experiences their environment in their own personal way. I have concentrated here on the built environment whether that be urban or built within the landscape. Whether you are in a related profession or simply interested, the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland provides you with a place to meet like-minded people, to learn about our built heritage's history, to campaign for its protection and to visit many amazing places not usually open to the public.


Doors Open Days are held each September across Scotland. Check your local media to see what is on. Coordinated nationally through the Scottish Civic Trust, regional programmes are organised by various heritage related groups, councils and volunteers.


This collection of photographs of our built heritage has been spurred on by the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, one of the organisations that I am involved in. What have you noticed? Have you seen something that surprises you? Or have you just walked past unaware or our gems as so much of the public? Is there something up there that was created long ago high up on a building only seen by a great distance or by winged creatures only to now be available again through zoom lenses or new tall neighbouring buildings? Or have you become aware of some building that may be familiar but is now under threat from severe alterations or even demolition?

I hope that I have encouraged you to undertake and enjoy such a quest. It is after all getting to know our home environment that much better. What it stands for? Who built it? What inspired them? What changes are occurring? What are we losing? What do we need to do to keep what we cherish? What will our built environment be like for those who come after us?

There is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening.

.Jeremy Watson

B. Build.; B. Arch.; MSc. Building Conservation (management & technology);

Perpetual learning in the Open to All University of the Great Scottish Natural and Urban Environment..... and addicted to FutureLearn MOOCs. 


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