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Our grateful thanks to all who host our trials, and

work very hard to make a successfull go of

them on the day!


Last of the 23/24 Nursery trials, after a rather damp season of 11 trials, due to this very wet autumn, winter and spring.

Happy Easter!

Have a good lambing everyone, and hopefully, a sunny open season in due course.


We held a minutes' silence forCharles Cutler.  His funeral is on Mon 11 March at 2.30 at Maple Park Crematorium near Thirsk YO74SA. The directions given on line say the postcode is an updated one.



9.3.24  At Crosscliff, P Exelby judged 13 dogs in the final morning Nursery trial

1 P Simpson Frank 78

2 J Atkinson Clemy 75

3 J B Murdoch Dell 73

4 A Grant Kirkby Kate 71

5 G R Harland Dan 66

6 R Dugmore Bow 63

7  J Goulder Hilston Sim 61

8  R Cole             Pip     60


Winners of the Championship

1   J B Murdoch            Dell          85

2   A Grant Kirkbymoor Kate         71

3  P Simpson               Frank        68 

Best before 11.00  J Atkinson  Clemy, J Goulder Sim


The final a.m Nursery trial and our Championship will be held at Crosscliff, Langdale End, YO130LN, 10.30 start,  more than one dog with thanks to the hosts, on the saturday 9th of March, 10.30 start. Our winners, so far, are Steve Aconley and Sally, Ian Murdoch and Dell, Tina Bennett and Strike, Rachel Murdoch and Bear John Atkinson and Sandy, Andy Grant and Kate, and Peter Simpson and Frank.

Many thanks to T. Bennett for arranging a presentation dinner at the Black Bull Pub, on the A169  just before you get to Pickering. Saturday 16th March. A menu  will be available shortly and everyone is welcome.

News on the Interclub with Northern... date is 3.2.24, at Pool Tree.  Our team would start with least pointed members first, but for symplicity's sake down here highest pointed first, as of 11.2.24

Thanks to Tina for the paper work above, very neat!

Potential Team for the Interclub

We need 12 runners and a reserve, plus 1 Novice

Novice         S Beaton 

S Aconley     Sally        To Be Confirmed

I. Murdoch     Dell

R Murdoch     Bear

T Bennett     Strke

J Atkinson     Clemy

R Cole            Pip

J Goulder       Sim

J Goulder      Meg

J Atkinson    Sandy

W Young         Fen

C Cutler         Bert     To Be Confirmed

P Exelby         Bett

B Harland      Dan

S Jarvis        Rosie

R Dugmore    Bow    


10.2.24 at Crosscliff, Langdale End, D Bristow judged 16 nursery dogs. Fog gave way to low lying mist that faded into a mild windless day. Compliant hoggs gave everyone a good chance to pen.


1     S Aconley                              Sally               76

2     J Goulder                                Meg               67

3     R Murdoch             Hustwaite Bear              66

4     M Mason                                  Bob              65

5    W Young                                    Fen              63

6    S Aconley                      Hilston Rob              62

7   J Atkinson                              Cindy              62

8   R Dugmore                             Bow               59

best before 11.00     J Goulder Meg   Rachel and Bear

Nothing currently on the books for next weekend!   


21.1.24   M Ward  Harwood Dale   judged17 dogs at North farm, Kildale. Down hill course, bright cold day, on fit Scot hoggs,handled well if approached right, could give trouble if offended.

Team for the Interclub 

John and Clemy, Ian and Del, Tina and Strike, and Phil with Bett in reserve.

1 T Bennett    Strike                    60

2  J Atkinson     Clemy                 53

3   J B Murdoch  Del                    51

4   J Goulder       Meg                  49

5   W Young         Fen                   48

6   J Goulder Hilston Sim              46

7  R Murdoch Husthwaite Bear     

8  B Harland           Dan

Best before 11.00  Hilton Sim, 2nd Dan. 



Our next is at Crosscliff, Langdale End, YO130LN, 10.30 start,  more than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00, on Saturday 10th of February.  


20.1.24   G Blyth, Roos, judged 19 dogs at The Barn, Kirby Misperton
1   J B Murdoch                 Del     79
2   J Goulder                       Meg    72
3   J Atkison                        Clemy  71
4   T Bennett                       Strike   66
5   S Aconley                      Sal       65
6   R Cole                            Pip       60
7   J Goulder            Hilston Sim     51
8   R Murdoch     Husthwaite Bear  50    
Best before 11.00  J B Murdoch   Del  2nd J Goulder   Meg
Our next is back at Kildale 27.1.24  to be confirmed


13.1.24 G R Harland, at Kildale, judged 12 intrepid nursery dogs in this our first trial since first week in December, our season rubbished by the rain, the mud, the wind... and more rain and mud.


1 J Atkinson   Cindy    70

2  J B Murdoch Del      60

3   T Bennett  Strike     45

4   S Aconley   Sal         45

5   J Goulder Hilston Sim 

6   P Exelby      Bett 

7  R Cole           Pip

8  S Jarvis        Rosie

Late start so no Before 11.00 points     


Our next is at the Barn, Kirby Misperton, Saturday 20th Jan 11.00 start, more than one dog first to be booked by 12.00.



Sat 13th jan   Nursery North House Farm Kildale 11.00 start, more than one dog first entered to be entered before 12.00

The three handlers who are running for us at the Nursery finals, please locate your card and bring it with you so I can photograph it.  We must get the entry in by 31st of January.

The chart on Freinds of Ryedale Face Book page, kept up to date by Tina, will make it clear who is in the points for that.


Sat 16th trial at Bransdale 



2.12.23   E Gautier  judged 15 dogs at Kirby Misperton, bright frosty am to begin with deteriorating in to freezing fog. Everyone managed to get a run... 


1   S Aconley                              Sally              79

2   J B Murdoch                            Del               71

3   R Murdoch            Husthwaite Bear               69

4   J Goulder                     Hilston Sim              66

5   P Exelby                                  Bett             64

6   C Townson                              Gorse            60

7  T Bennett                                 Strike          55

8  R Cole                                         Pip           49

Best before 11.00 S Acomley Sal, J B Murdoch and Del, 2nd  


Our next is SUNDAY 10.12.23  CANCELLED at Fridlington farms Sheriff Hutton.   YO611EE,  25.11.23, 10.30 start, more than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00, last booking in time 1.00.


25.11.23   J Turnbull judged 24 dogs at Fridlington Farms, bright sunshine, chilly breeze, big flat field ...


1   A Grant                                 Kate         71

2   C Cutler                                Burt           66

3   R Cole                                    Pip            65

4   J Atkinson                              Clemy        63 

5   J Atkinson                             Sandy         62

6   T Bennett                              Strike         62

7   R Murdoch                Husthwaite Bear      60

8  D Bowmer                              Millie          50 


Before 11...   not appliccable...

Our next is at Kirby Misperton, the barn field, 10.30 start, more than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00, no entries after 1.00.


18.11.23   Kirby Misperton A Wilkinson Judged 26 dogs


1  P Simpson           Frank       61 olf

2  J B Murdoch         Dell          61 olf

3  J Goulder  Hilston Sim          61

4  T Bennett              Strike       60

5  J Atkinson             Clemy      56

6  D Bristow                Tess       54

7  J Athinson             Sandy     52

8  C Townson             Gorse     49

Best Before 11.00 J goulder   Meg ... no 2nd.



1   novice     S Jarvis    Rambo 

Our next is (Fingers crossed no more rain) at at Fridlington Farms, Sheriff Hutton.   YO611EE,  25.11.23, 10.30 start, more than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00, last booking in time 1.00.

Lovely to out about in this lovely country... in sunshine!

11.11.23   J Turnbull, Kildale, judged 16 dogs  at Kildale.


1   T Bennett        Strike                              72  olf

2   R Murdoch       Husthwaite  Bear           72  

3   W Young           Fen                                71

4   A Grant             Kirbymoor Kate              68

5   G R Harland      Dan                                64

6   R Cole                Pip                                60   olf  

7   J Goulder          Hilston Sim                      60

8   J Goulder           Meg                                54

1st before 11.00    J Goulder    Meg.             no 2nd.

No Novice dogs.


Our next is sat. 18.11.23     On the road between Kirby Misperton and Little Barugh (pronounced Barf) the second gate on the left by the barn, please keep cars to the parking area marked out in the field.  10.30 start, more than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00, all dogs by 1.00.

 Fingers crossed, 11.11.23  at kildale, weather and field conditions permitting.


Furze Farm, Hilston Rd, Roos, Hull. HU12 0JB. 4.11.22. 

 CANCELLED due to wet.



28.10.23      B Gullen judged 17 dogs at Egton, a lovely big course on very fit ewes who disliked the wet  turn out area intensely.


1   S Aconley                               Sally                           79

2   R Cole                                      Pip                            72

3   R Murdoch            Husthwaite Bear                           65

4   D Bristow                Greenhow Tess                           63

5  C Townson                              Gorse                           62

6  J Atkinson                             Clemy                          59

7  J Atkinson                            Sandy                           58  olf

8  P Exelby                                 Bett                           58


Novice   1 ... S Beaton                     Moss        2   P Exelby          Sky

best before 11.00              S Aconly and Sally, R Cole and Pip


Our next is at Furze Farm, Hilston Rd, Roos, Hull. HU12 0JB. 4.11.22.  11.00 start. More than one dog, first to be entered by 12.00.


28.10.23 Egton sheepdog trial 10 30 start take the Glaisdale Rd opposite the Pub, field on the right going down. No parking on the trial field, park in the first field as go in. More than on dog first to be entered by 12.00, all dogs to be booked in by 1.00.



21.10.23   PLUM TREE   NURSERY 



B Gullen Egton Bank judged 18 Nursery and 1 Novice dog at Green End, Beck Hole.

1.   R Murdoch      Husthwaite Bear                          74  and Dick Hollisns Memorial Shield
2.   S Aconley                          Sally                        73
3    C Cutler                              Bert                        65
4     J Atkinson                     Clemmie                      64
5     R Cole                                  Pip                       61
6    J B Murdoch                          Del                        55
7    G R Harland                          Dan                       51
8    D Purtill                                Ruby                     48
Novice   S Beaton with Moss
Before 11.00  S Acomly and Sally B Harland and Dan
      Our next is an Open Double Gather at Fridlington Farms, Sheriff Hutton.   YO611EE, on Sunday 15th Oct. Start time 9.00,  enter on the field, no re-run sheep.
Next Nursery on Saturday, 21.10.23, at Plum Tree farm Glaisdale, YO21 2PZ 10.30 start, enter on the field more than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00, last entries by 1.00.  Remember that post codes can cover quite a large area.
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