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Nursery Results

Aggregate points

D Bristow Tan  64

D Thompson  Kate 61

J B Murdoch  Spike 57

G Blyth  Dot  53

J Cook  Comebye Bree 51

M Ward  Rex 50

R Jewitt  Sally  43

A season that went right to the wire points wise, we were blessed with the weather all winter not to miss a single trial, congratulations to all survivors and good luck to all for the opens.



Championship 2012

1  R Jewitt Sally 154

2  T Bell Blue     138

3  D Bristow Tan 127

4  C Cutler  Nan 117

5  D Thompson Kate 115

6  G Blyth Perrydale Pearl 113


Nova Lane Pickering Nursery J Hollows judging 22 ran

1 D Bristow  Tan 79

2 J Cook  George 71

3  M Mason Aeron Craig 69

4  M Ward  Rex  68 OLF

5  J Read  Jim 68

6  E Gautier  Whitethorne Fern 66

7  D Thompson  Kate 64

8  T Bell  Blue  63 

Rexican Stand-Off

Well that's all folks! No more Nurseries till Autumn...but happily we have an open tomorrow!



Dimmingdale 25/2/12 C Cutler Judging 32 ran

Inserting the hoggs into the release pen...What a Team!

Danny Thompson keeps telling us he is retiring from trials this winter, and just in case he means it, here is a sequence of photos of his run, first on today, at his own trial,  a run that led most of the day!

The Lift


Into the pen! It is his grandson's wedding today and your reporter was gutted that Danny ran BEFORE donning tails and a top hat.

1  B. Bell Fly   74

2 D Thompson Kate  72

3 R Jewitt    Sally 71

4  J Goulder  Comebye Frost 66

5  J Cook  Comebye Bree  64

6  D Bristow  Tan  61

7  P Proudley   Roy  60

8  G Blyth  Dot   59

1st before 11.00 D Thompson and Kate

2nd before 11.00  J Goulder and Frost




Fryup Dale 18/2/12  Les Jones judging 40 ran

Caption please?

Sally puts her best foot forward

as does S Aconley and Midge, dealing with a break for the hedge.

1   I Murdoch   Spike   80

2  P Proudley    Roy     78

3   J Reed        Jim      76

4   T Bell          Blue     75

5   I Murdoch    Mist       74

6   J  Cook      George    71

7   S Aconley    Midge     70

8   G Hunt     Ron            70

1st before 11.00 S Aconley, 2nd R Jewitt and Bob.  




11/2/12  Green End J Harrison judging 18 ran.


On a difficult rough course, all the dogs worked extremely hard on unmanagable lambs firmly and consistantly ejected from release area. George, on the strength of a hit fetch, won.

1 J Cook   George  45

2 B Bell  Fly 43

3  D Bristow  Tan  42

4  M Ward Rex  39

Best before 11.00 Comebye Frost  

To all the rest, good, but no cigar...!




4/2/12  Roxby Bob Harland Judging 26 ran

Good hoggs, similar for every one, in a very cold wind...

1  Roger Jewitt  Sally 80

2  J B Murdoch  Spike 79

3  L Morland  Nell  72

4  P Proudley  Roy 68

5  E Gautier  Whitethorne Fern  64 OLF

6  J Cook  George  64

7  D Thompson  Kate 61

8  J Goulder  Comebye Frost 60

1st before 11.00 J Goulder Killiebrae Belle 2nd A Hunt and Rock

JB Murdoch well rugged up

gets a very good start, slight blemish on drive away let in R Jewitt and Sally for their third win.

And there's a pub! With a huge plate of sandwiches, well recieved, Thanks to The Fox!

Set us up for the snowy drive home...just as weather forecast, snowed at 3 30!

28/1/12  Goathland J B Thompson judging, 29 ran on a flat hill top with deep rough pitfalls out of sight well known to wiley little texels, say no more...they were the same all the way through, though!

1   R Jewitt  Sally  65

2   S Aconley  Midge 63

3  G Blyth  Perrydale Pearl 62

4  D Thompson  Kate  61

5  A  Mosey  Tash  60

6  P Proudley  Roy 57

7  L Jones Pat  55

8  Mick Ward  Rex  53

1st before 11.00 Les Jones and Pat, no one else completed before 11.00.

Mick through doors darkly...

Lunch comforts

Dan Purtill and Sid tackle the turnaround

and J Howes' Becky tries diplomacy

P Turnbull's Lynn went for the fast pick-up option, but how ever you looked at it, the lambs tended to win every round. 


 21/1/12  Kildale, P Exelby judging, 33 ran.


21/1/12  Kildale, P Exelby judging, 33 ran.

The hosts of this scenic trial had good runs and were in the prizes...Easy Care sheep were NOT easy pen sheep.


1 D Bristow Tan  79  OLF

2  M Ward Rex    79

3  A Proudley  Gwen  76

4  G Blyth   Perrydale Pearl 75

5  I Murdoch  Spike 74

6  P Proudley Roy  73

7  D Bowmer  Sweep 72

8  R Jewitt   Sally  71

1st before 11.00 A Mosey Tash, 2nd B Swinbank and Ellan Vannin Kelly  


Host Paul Proudley and Roy at Kildale trial

J Cook and Comebye Bree, and Bree's mother, below, with J Goulder,

Killiebrae Belle. She finally took every command, even the ones in the wrong order. Thanks to E Gautier for historic pics.

Any photos gratefuly received!

Kildale's lovely church has a wonderful stained glass window


Kildale, 14/1/12, Pete Turnbull judging, 28 ran.

1  G Blyth  Perrydale Pearl  78

2  I Murdoch  Spike  72  OLF

3  D Bristow  Tan 71 

4  J Cook and Comebye Bree 71

5  T Bell Blue  70

6  R Jewitt  Sally 69

7  E Gautier Whitethorne Fern  69

8 D Bowmer  Sweep  68

1st before 11.00 D Bowmer and Fletch, 2nd C Cutler and Tom.



Thank goodness the Nurseries have started again!

 Pete and Jack Turnbull's lovely, evil little Scott hoggs gave John Harrison, judge, and 27 dogs a challenging day.

Penning was difficult

This is our most suburban trial, Pickering church on the sky line.

1  D Bristow Tan  79

2  I Murdoch  Spike  74

3 F Swindells Floss  70

4 G  Blyth  Dot 69

5 G Blyth  Sally 69

6  J Reed Jim 68

7  P Proudley  Roy 66

8  D Thompson Kate  66

1st before 11.00 G Blyth and Sally, 2nd D Thompson and Kate.


Naughty sheep can only be subdued with team work.


Fridlington Farms, Sheriff Hutton. Judge J Read. 30 ran.

Last Ryedale Nursery trial of 2011, seating provided for even the smallest spectators!

1  J Cook, Comebye Bree on 76

2  M Mason and Craig on 76

3 A D Thompson and Kate

4  D Bowmer  and Sweep on 71

5  R Jewitt and Sally on 68

6  J B Murdoch and Spike on 67

7  J Goulder and Comebye Frost on 66

8  C Cutler and Nan on 66

1st before 11.00 A D Thompson and Kate, 2nd J B Murdoch and Spike.

 Tash lifts with Sherriff Hutton Castle in the background Almost as good as Balmoral...


Judge M Kinnes (18 ran) relieved to be finished judging, never an easy task!

A loyal letting out team, thanks! A VERY chilly job!

1 G Blyth  Dot  76

2  J Cook Comebye Bree  75

3 M Ward  Rex 72  

4  A Mosey Tash  69

5  G Blyth Perrydale Pearl  53

6 J Goulder  Killiebrae Belle  53

7  C Cutler  Nan  50

G Blyth Sally 43

1st before 11.00 Killiebrae Belle, 2nd G Blyth's Sally  


Ivy Barn Farm, Murton. 36 ran, Judge C Cutler

John 'It'll never be closer than here' Witton and Jim stride to the post.

1  J Goulder and Comebye Frost   on  79

2  G Blyth and Dot  on  75

3  D Thompson and Kate  on  69

4  J Read and Jim on 67

5  M Mason and Craig  67

6  T Bell and Blue 65

7  J Cook  and Comebye Bree  64

8  D Bowmer and Sweep on 54

best before 11.00 D Thompson and Kate, 2nd, T Bell and Blue

Sandy Beaton gets his pen

well done, Perrydale Taff!



G Blyth's Sally lifts at Stainsacre with the sea and Whitby Abbey on the skylne!


Dick Watson and Sal pass Colin Jones the judge on their way to the post.

1  G Blyth and Sally  59

2  Ian Murdoch and Spike  56

3  M Ward and Alf  55

4  M Ward and Rex  53

5  Les Jones and Pat  52

6  J Goulder and Comebye Frost 51

7  E Gautier and Whitethorne Fern 50

8  J Cook and Comebye Bree 48

Ist before 11.00 G Blyth and Sally, 2nd Les Jones and Pat.



Plum Tree, Glaisdale, 36 ran, J Goulder judged.

1  R Jewitt   Bob  77

2 T Bell  Blue         70

3 J Read      Jim      70

4  M Ward   Rex        69

5  J Cook Comebye Bree 69

6  E Gautier  Whitethorne Fern 68

7 G Blyth  Sally 68

8  M Mason Craig  68

1st before 11.00 E Gautier and Whitethorne Darcy

2nd before 11.00 J B Thompson and Jill ( See photo above)

Lucy comes up to a sheep's ankle, but bring it on...'watch the turrier!'


J. Harrison's, Fryup Dale, 22 ran, Judge Paul Proudley.

1. A.Bell   Blue   79

2  F Swindells Floss  73

3  L Jones Pat  71

4  J B Murdoch  Spike 67

5 G Blyth  Dot  66

6  C Cutler Nan 66

7  A Thompson  Kate  64

8  R Jewitt  Sally 61

Best before 11.00 L Jones and Pat, 2nd, R Jewitt and Sally.

Another brilliantly sunny day at a very scenic new venue, thankyou !

Photos by Elizabeth, many thanks!


Host Alec Mosey and Tash, at Gilling East.  30 ran, P Turnbull judge

1  D Thompson  Kate 76
2  G Blyth  Dot  75
3  D Bristow  Tan  74 
4  R Jewitt  Ron   73
5  J Cook   Comebye Bree  72
6  J Goulder Comebye Frost 67

7  R. Jewitt and Bob  65

8  D Bowmer  Sweep 65

Best before 11.00 1st,D Bristow and Tan, 2nd J Cook and C. Bree.

Danny and Kate get their card for first place from Jack Turnbull, time keeper.


Warm, inviting sun encouraged every one to stay to the end and watch the prize giving!


Hosts Mick Ward and Alf at Harwood Dale 5/11/11

27 ran,  judge J.Rangely

1  G Blyth Dot  79
2  J. Goulder  Comebye Frost 77
3  D Thompson Kate 74
4  R Jewitt  Bob  73
5  G  Blyth  Sal  72
6  L Jones  Pat  69

7  M Mason and Craig 68

8  M Ward Rex, 67

Best before 11.00 D Thompson and Kate, 2nd L Jones and Pat

Graham Blyth's Dot



Plum Tree Farm, Glaisdale, judge Charles Cutler. 24 ran.

Actually, and confusingly,  it's Mountain Ash Farm, known to us as Plum Tree.
A strong cold wind but the occasional blaze of sun to illuminate the autumn colours.
Malcom Mason's Craig
1  R. Jewitt and Ron 75
2  D. Bristow and Tan 70
3.  A Mosey and Tash 69
4.  S. Beaton and Perrydale Taff 68
5.  G. Blyth and Dot 68
6.  M. Ward  and Rex 63
7. J Cook and Comebye Bree 62
8. D Thompson Kate 58
1st before 11.00 R Jewitt
2nd M. Ward and Alf

Good View at Grangehead...

Nursery Results


Steve Cornforth's at Egton

View up the course Roger Jewitt on the lift and fetch

and its the Run Ron Run


1st  D Bristow and Tan on 83

2. G Blyth and Sally on 81

3. M Mason Craig on 77

4. R. Jewitt and Bob on 70

5. D. Thompson and Kate on 68

6. J. Goulder and Comebye Frost on 66 olf

7. J. Cook and George 66 

8. C. Cutler and Nan on 64

!st before 11.00 D Bristow and Tan, 2nd R Jewitt and Sal

The exhaust sheep lurking in the kale

Emma brought her pony to watch!




Dan Purtill and Bill fill the Release pen first thing.

Grangehead Farm Egton Bridge, 26 ran, judge W. Young

1. C Cutler and Nan, 72

2. M Mason and Craig 71

3. J Read Jim 68

4. Mick Ward and Rex 67

5. Bob Harland and Flash on 64

6. E. Gautier and Whitethorne Fern 63

7. R. Jewitt and Sally 62

8. D. Bristow and Tan 61

1st before 11.00 Mick Ward and Rex. No one else finished the course before 11.00.


Smashing young volunteers, major legends helping set up, let out  and take down the course, thankyou Jamie Hallam and friend!


C. Cutler's, Easby. 29 ran, Judge B Hope.

1. M. Ward and Rex   on 75

2. J. Cook and Comebye Bree 74

3. C. Cutler and Nan on 72

4. G. Blyth and Dot on 72

5. J. Read and Jim on 72

6. S. Beaton and Perrydale Taff on 68

7. D Thompson and Kate on 60

8. Ian Murdoch and Spike on 58

!st before 11.00 L Jones and Pat.

2nd before 11.00 B Bell and Fly

M Ward's Rex 


Ed Simpson's at Gillamoor.  26 ran, Judge Tony Bell.

See that one in the middle, the one with the woolly topknot? That's the one that destroyed my pen. On a downhill course, many of  the sheep displayed far more character than any one needs in a sheep.

1.  R Jewitt and Sally 78

2.  Ian Murdoch and Spike 74

3.  Jackie Cooke and Comebye Bree 65

4.  D. Bristow and Tan 64

5.  R. JewItt and Bob 63

6.  James Reed and Jim 60

7.  Mick Ward and Rex 58 OLF

8. Charlie Cutler Nan 58

1st before 11.00 R JewItt and Ron.

No one else before 11.00 completed the course.



James Reed and Jim at George Redpath's, Dacre. A rising course with very good mule ewes.

28 ran, judge Phil Exelby.

 Jackie Cooke with Comebye Bree


1. Les Jones and Pat 78

2. R Jewitt and Ron  75

3.  A. Throup and Bob 73

4.  Paul Atkinson and Fly 72

5.  G Blyth and Dot 70

6.  M. Mason and Craig 68

7.  D. Bowmer and Sweep 66

8.  James Reed and Jim 61

Ist before 11.00.... Les and Pat

2nd before 11.00 Roger and Ron 


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