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With thanks to Mrs A G Heaton for originally compiling these pages.

Peel Park Farm

With help from all the members, it is hoped to bring this page of the website up to date; another 10 years has passed!


Peel Park 1992


Fred Jones


G R Harland, J Gautier, Mr and Mrs K Eddon, D Bristow and N Jones

Newspaper clipping

Jane all curly!

Jane wrote this when she first started trialing, 
'My unsuspecting entry to the all consuming sport of Sheep Dog Trials.
In February 1990 i purchased a Border Collie pup from a man i kindly refer to as "Dan the man" i.e. Danny Thompson, which was out of his bitch Nell, and i named her Jess.
She started to show a keen interest in sheep at the very early age of 4 months, so not knowing how to train a dog. i joined a local ATB class and at the helm was Maurice Collin. With me keen to learn and a dog keener Maurice taught us all he could in the two; 8 week classes that we attended. 
On the day of purchase Dan told me on a nursery trial to be held the following Saturday at Moorsolm. To this i eagerly attended and came away totally hooked. So from that day on i went to all the local trials, dog and kids in tow, and watched with keen interest. 
On December 1st 1990 (i remember it well) I arrived at Les Jones trial at Pickering, this time with dog only. After watching for 2 or more hours, Dan persuaded me to have a go as it was a well fenced field, and he was there as back-up! So i paid my sub and booked in Jess and waited. When our turn came we walked to the post, wishing i hadn't, but the sheep were at the top of the field and Jess was ready for off. So off to the right she went, when she arrived behind her sheep, i blew my whistle, but nerves rooting me to the spot and dry mouth, nothing happened! Instinctively the dog did her best and brought them down the field around me then lost them to the exhaust pen. But even after that haunting first time we still look forward to SATURDAY'S. 
P.s Nerves a little more controlled now!'
Jane Simpson.

1990 Trial at Burton Flemming

G Guy, B Hope, L Jones, J Greaves,E Simpson,F Jones, Whitethorne Snip, Philip Blyth

G Blyth and Whitethorne Snip


prize giving ...Barry Liddle, Jane Simpson, M Collin, J B Murdoch, N Jones and J Gautier 

G Blyth and Hilston Snap at Swang farm Egton on way to winning Ch's 1991

1991. G Blyth with Hilston Snap and H. Snip, only Ryedale handler to win Ch's 2 years running with home bred dogs.

1991 Interclub winning team

T Jackson, N Darrel, A G Heaton, G R Harland, E Simpson, S Aconley,F Jones, M Heaton, G Blyth, J B Murdoch


M Collin at Thornton Dale 1992

N Darrell relaxing at Ryedale show 1992. Spot G Redpath, A Heaton, C Cutler, D Watson and possibly J Hollows booking in...


Chris Pickering, Jim Robinson, Mr Ewbanks 

Ryedale Trophies

R (Dick) Watson  at Ryedale 1992

J Suttill

at Ryedale Show Trial


J Atkinson at Hutton Rudby; J B Murdoch once drove a white van

G Redpath at Kilnsey show 1992

D Thompson 1992


M Mason and Ginny, J Hebden, Eric Duncalf, R 'I hope your camera's insured' Watson,  B Hope and G Wood at Mountain Ash, Glaisedale 1992

F Harrison and S Murray

and the trial they put on in the 90's


J Goulder and first sheepdog Fleck at Thorton Dale Show Trial 1992

J Swallow





J Gautier at Egton 1992


JB Thompson and son Martin, and grandaughters helping let out at Mountain Ash Farm


G R Harland and Whitethorne Jan


Twizzygill Nursery Trial


J Simpson, M Mason, N Wilby, N Jones and M Kinnes at Haygate Lane

N Wilby, P Law and J Robinson at Fridlington Farms

Plum Tree, Glaisedale

G R Harland and Jan

C Metcalf's Lodgehill farm trial, you had to go down the hill to run.

Windy Hill, Hutton Rudby

Mr J Hebden

J Goulder and Mistie with Jack Hollows



InterClub Judge A Mosey @ Middleton

1 D Bristow             Bob   96

2 J Chamberlain  W. Cap   95

3 J Simpson             Kate  94 n a half

4  B Liddle               Bess 89

5  R Hutchinson       Gem  87

6  N Jones                Meg  87

N 963 pts, Ryedale 950 n a half pts.

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