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Nurseries 21/22

15.10.22  Plum Tree Farm Glaisedale

22.10.22  Jackie and Steve's, Egton

29.10.22  Jackie and Steve's, Egton

5.11.22   Roos, near Withernsea




Saturday 8th of October, Open and Nursery trial, for Kildale Show. West House Farm Kildale Enter on the field,10.30 start. More than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00

First Ryedale Nursery 2022.  Greenend above Beck Hole.  Sun 9th October, 10.30 start, enter on the field. More than one dog, first to be entered by 12.00 




6.3.22   C Cutler judged the InterClub Ryedale versus Northern at Nova Lane in fine weather

The Ryedale Society on 872, points Northern on 842

1  R Hutchinson Hendre Taff                91    OLF   Cup for winner of trial.Retained for repair

2  A Wilkinson        Liz                91

3  A Grant              Nell              83

4  P Exelby            Skye             81      Shield for winner of Ryedale Nursery Aggregate

5  G R Harland       Skip             78   OLF

6  G R Harland       Spot             78

Shield for team winners of the InterClub. Ryedale.


5.3.22 pm P Turnbull judged the Championship 11 dogs took part


1  C Townson                     Fly     74  and dog model trophy 

2   A Grant                       Nell      73

3   J Atkinson          Kemi Jess       71

4   A Wilkinson                 Liz        69 TU

5  S Beaton       Heyshaw Pete     58



5.3.22   P Turnbull judged 15 dogs at Nova Lane, a.m Trial. Unmannerly mule hoggs, strong wind and sudden heavy rain made life difficult...


1   J Goulder       Tweeddale Kep  69  OLF

2   C Townson                    Jen   69

3   J Atkinson      Rhydawr  Cae   68

4   A Grant                         Nell  61

5   S Beaton       Heyshaw Pete   59     stick  2nd Aggregate

6   T Bennett  Ellan Vannin Kay   56  

7   S Aconley                   Milly   54 OLF

8   A Wilkinson                 Liz     54

No best before 11.00

G Blyth and Hilston Sally                    Breeders Cup

P Exely and Skye                  dog in first season Cup

                                            best before 11.00 cup

T Bennett and Kay        Most Improved Handler shield    to be returned by previous winner

J Goulder and Kep                 last Nursery cup n Plate    to be returned by previous winner




Congratulations and good luck to Team Ryedale P Exelby and Skye, J Atkinson and Rhydawr Cae and S Beaton and Heyshawe Pete!



Many thanks to Rachel who minuted the AGM 

Some Nursery dates

2.10.21     Green End Goathland

3.10.21 (open) Double gather at Little Kildale

9.10.21  Windy Hill Hutton Rudby

10.10.21   vacent

16.10.21Mountain Ash farm Glaisdale

17.10.21    Vacent

23. 10.21   Egton

24.10.21   (open) For Egton Show... Egton

30.10.21   Mountain Ash farm Glaisdale

31.10.21  Vacent

6.11.21    Windy Hill Hutton Rudby

7.11.21    Vacent  

13.11.21  Hilston

14.11.21   Vacent

20.11.21   Kirby Misperton

27.11.21   Fridlington farms, near Sherrif Hutton

4.12.21     Fridlington Farms

11.12.21  Bransdale 

18.12.21  Bransdale



We can have the Nursery Trial at Escrick on the 8th  January 2022

It will be held in the usual field at:-

The Menagerie,

Skipwith Road,

Escrick, York

YO19 6EH

15 1.22     Howthorpe Farm, Terrington, YO62 4LS.

23.1.22     (That's a Sunday) Glebe farm Westgate carr rd Pickering yo188LX 

29.1.22     Kildale, entrance to the trial a farm track on the right going up past Westhouse farm from Kildale, on left coming down from Westerdale, YO21 2SF

5.2. 22      Kildale

12.2.22    Glebe farm Westgate Carr Rd Pickering YO188LX 

19.2.22    nova Lane  CANCELLED

5.3.22  AM Nursery PM Ryedale Championships

6.3.22  Interclub with Northern



Here is the team list for the Ryedale Interclub with Northern, hope you can all make it! To be run in reverse order and subject to minor adjustments

1    P Exelby                      Skye    65

2   S Beaton                     Pete      53

3   John Atkinson              Cae       45

4  J Atkinson                    Jess      43

5 A Wilkinson                  Liz         43

6  C Townson                   Fly        40

7 J Goulder                     Kep       37

8 I Murdoch                   Bear      31

9 G R Harland             Spot        30

10 T Bennett              Kay          26

11  G R Harland          Skip         26

12 J Goulder          Willow           19

13  S Aconley             Millie        17

14 T Bell                  Chad        13   

15  C Mellin              Jim          12

New handler  E Gisbourne     Max  6

Reserve S Wilkinson 6 G Blyth Sweep 5, M Watson Stamp 4, Roy Cole Stella 3,

B Swinbank Meg 1


T Bell   (Selby)   judged 25 dogs at The Glebe farm, Pickering. 12.2.22. Once again the mule hoggs were good to do with, but responded best to the steadier dogs.



1 A Wlikinson                           Liz              96

2 J Goulder          Tweeddale Kep              90

3 S Wilkinson                          Meg             70

4 T Bennett                              Kay             68

5 S Beaton           Heyshawe Pete              64

6 C Townson                           Jen               63

7 G Blyth                  Hilston Sally               62

8  J Atkinson                          Jess             58

Best before 11.00 T Bennett and Kay, I Murdoch and Bear

Our next is at Nova Lane Middleton Pickering 19.2.22  taking the narrow road between Middleton Church and the pub  trial about a mile along on your left.. signed Cottage Lea's Hotel Nova Lane, Middleton, Pickering YO18 8PN that's the Country Hotel a mile beyond the trial field but you'll see us before you reach the hotel!  Sat 5th March Nursery at Nova lane. We having a 10.30 start for am trial, enter on the field, restricted to one dog per person, and no one who is not already a member, please. Championship to start at 2.30

On sun 6th March we have the interclub with Northern again at Nova Lane, starting at 10.30.



5.2.22  C Cutler judged 20 dogs at Kildale, sheep responded well to a fine tuned course, in high cold winds once agai n best of the bunch 


1st   C Towson                   Fly       80

2nd   S Beaton   Heyshaw  Pete    77

3rd    JB Murdoch                 Bear  76   olf

4th    J Goulder    Tweeddale Kep  76  

5th   C Mellin                         Jim   75

6th   G R Harland                 Spot   71 

7th   A Grant                       Nell    71

8th   P Exelby                      Skye  65

None before 11.00


Our next is 12.2.22   Glebe farm Westgate Carr Rd Pickering YO188LX 10.30 start, more than 1 dog 1st to be booked in by 12.00

29.1.22 J Simpson judged 22 dogs at South farm Kildale on a windy day  a downhill fetch on fit cross lambs...


1   C Townson                       Fly     70

2   P Simpson                     Belle    68

3   J Atkinson        Rhydarw Cae     61

4    B Harland                      Spot     58

5   J Goulder       Tweeddale Kep    51

6 S Beaton             Heyshaw Pete   49

7 T Bennett       Ellan Vannin Kaye  39

No before 11.00 points


Our next is     5.2.22    same field...  Kildale, entrance to the trial a farm track on the right going up past Westhouse farm from Kildale, on left coming down from Westerdale, YO21 2S, 10.30 start, more than one dog first to be entered by 12.00..


23.1.22   C Cutler judged 24 dogs at Glebe farm Pickering on fit manageable mule hoggs


1    A  Wikinson            Liz   96

2    C Townson             Fly   95

3     J Atkinson  Kemi Jess   90 OLF

4     C Townson             Jen  90

5     M Watson            Stamp 87

6      P Exelby               Skye 85

7    J Goulder Tweedale Kep   84

8    S Beaton   Heyshaw Pete 78

No one before 11.00  

Our next is at Kildale (exact location to be announced)  29.1.22    10.30 start, more than one dog first to be entered before 12.00


points for the members up to 15.1.22



15.1.22   P Turnbull judged 20 dogs in a fog drenched field near Terrington. Luckily, the mainly mule lambs ran brilliantly in fives.



1  T Bennet   Ellan Vannin  Kaye        77   OLF

2  C Townson                       Fly          77  OLF

3   E Guisbourne                  Max        77

4   J Atkinson       Rhydarw   Cae        76  OLF

5   J B Murdoch    Huthwaite Bear       76 

6   P Exelby                         Skye      75

7   G R Harland                   Spot        71

8   A Wharton                       Mo         68    

New Handlers in the line up. T Bennet and E.V. Kaye a win, and our host E Guisbourne and Max a very close 3rd.   Our next is 23.1.22     (That's a Sunday) Glebe farm Westgate Carr Rd Pickering YO188LX Enter on the field, more than one dog first to be run before 12.00.


8.1.22   R Cole judged 18 dogs at Escrick in mainly wet conditions on smart little Hebredeans.


1   A Wilkinson               Liz        80  OLF

2   J Atkinson   Rhydarw Cae       80

3   M Watson   Shadwell Stamp     77

4   G R Harland             Skip        74

5  A Grant                     Nell        69

6  P Exelby                    Skye       65 

7   GR Harland               Spot       64

8   T Bell                       Chad       60

No best before 11.00s 


Our next is at Howthorpe Farm, Terrington, YO62 4LS, on sat 15th December, 10.30 start, enter on the field, more than one dog first to be entered before 12.00.



18.12.21 Ian Murdoch judged 23 dogs at Bransdale on a fine foggy morning that lifted enough to see the lift


1  B Harland               Skip     71

2  J Atkinson   Rhydarw Cae    67

3  T Bell                       Chad  65 

4  T Bennet   Ellan Vannin Kay 65

5  S Beaton   Hayshaw Pete    61

6  C Townson               Fly      58 

7  C Townson               Jen    56

8  P Exelby                  Skye   53 


11.12.21    Bransdale Nursery trial, a really fun trial in GOOD weather (for Bransdale) and a very Chritmasy atmosphere...  J Simpson judged 27 dogs


1   C Mellin                                   Jim   81

2   C Townson                              Jen   79

3   J Goulder              Tweeddale Kep   76

4   G R Harland                           Spot   69

5   J Atkinson                     Kemi Jess    68

6   G Blyth                               Sweep    65

7  S Beaton                   Heyshaw Pete   64    OLF

8  G Blyth                      Hilston Sally    64

New handler J Tourish                Jim      60

best before 11.00 Tweeddale Kep   G Blyth  Sweep



We have a trial there again 18.12. 21....Bransdale, enter on the field more than one dog first to be entered by 12.00.


4.12.21  Fridlington Farms J Rangely judged 17 dogs


1    P Exelby              Skye        71

2    S Aconly              Millie        70 

3   B Harland              Skip         68

4   S Beaton   Heyshawe Pete   66

5   G Blyth           Hilston Sally    55

6  C Townson                  Fly       47

7  R Cole      Tweedale Stella      47

8  B Harland               Spot       44

Best befor 11.00S Aconley  Millie, B Harland Skip


Our next and last before Christmas is at South House Farm bransdale YO627JW enter on the field more than one dog first to be booked in before 12.00.



27.11.21   J Atkinson   judged 12 dogs at Fridlington farms...Storm Arwen deterred all but the bravest handlers, and blew the brain cells of the fat lambs out through their ears. 


There were only four in the points, and the new Handler team J Tourish and Tara handled them well but slipped up on the turnaround.


1   A Grant                Nell     67

2   P Exelby              Skye   63

3   S Beaton  Heyshawe Pete   60

4   J B Murdoch          Bear   59



In the hope of better weather our next Nursery is again at Fridlington Farms on 4.12.21, enter on the field, more than one dog first before 11.00 



20.11.21 C Cutler judged 23 dogs At Kirby Misperton Nursery trial

1   P Exelby     Skye                          82

2   J Atkinson     Kemi Jess                 81 

3   A Wilkinson  Liz                            80 OLF

4   J B Murdoch Bear                          80

5   J Atkinson Rhydarw Cae                 79

6  Sandy beaton Heyshawe Pete          76  

7   T Bell       Dale                              75

8    T Bennet   Ellan Vannin Kay           74


before 11.00 Sandy Beaton   H. Pete, T Bennet with EV Kay 




Our next is on 27.11.21 at  Fridlington farms, YO61 1EE, near Sheriff Hutton, enter on the field, more than one dog, first to be entered by 12.00.


M Kinnes (Nafferton ) judged 18 dogs at Hilston/Roos 13.11.21


1  P Exelby        Skye   82

2  T Bell              Chad  73

3  J Atkinson Kemi Jess   67

4  G Blyth  Marchup Sweep   61

5  I Murdoch       Bear   59

6  J Goulder Tweeddale Kep 57

7  G Blyth    Hilston Sally   55

8  S Beaton   Heyshawe Pete 

best before 11.00 ... J Atkinson  Kemi Jess  T Bell    Chad  

Our next is at The Barn, Kirby Misperton, Sat 20th Nov... Enter on field, more than one dog first to be entered by 12.


A Bainbrige judged 27 dogs at Windy Hill, Hutton Rudby 6.11.21


A Grant (somewhere else, the Sec forgot the camera today)


1  A  Grant                                  Nell              82

2  J Goulder        Whitethorne Willow                80

3  A Wilkinson                                Liz             75

4  F Whitfield                               Molly            73

5  T Bennet                 Ellan Vannin Kay           72 0lf

6  P Exelby                                   Skye            72 

7 J Howes                                     Kate            71 

8  S Atkinson                                 Jess             71

before 11.00 J hows   Kate ... S Atkinson     Jess  



Our next is Furze Farm, Hilston Rd, Roos, Hull. HU12 0JB. 10.30 start. More than one dog, first to be entered by 12.00


J Goulder judged 15 dogs at Mountain Ash Farm Glaisedale 30.10.21

(at Windy last year...)

1   J Read    Denwyn  Fred           73.   OLF

2   P Exelby                  Sky           73

3   J Atkinson     Kemi Jess           68

4    G R Harland          Spot           65

5    J Atkinson              Cae           63     OLF

6   J Cook                     Max          63

7   S Aconley               Milly           51


Our next is at Windy Hill farm, Hutton Rudby 6.11.21, 10.30 start, more than one dog first to be entered by 12.00  



Egton Nursery B Gullen judged 17 dogs 23.10.21

1   S Aconley Millie       80

2   P Exelby   Sky         78

3  J Atkinson  Cae        74

4  J Goulder Tweeddale Kep   71 OLF

5  J Atkinson Kemi Jess          71

6 S Beaton Heyshawe Pete    70

7 G R Harland           Spot     67

8  B Swinbank   Meg              66


Our next is at Mountain Ash Farm Glaisdale 30.10.21    10.30 start More than one dog first before 12.00...



16.10.21.   E Gautier.  Judged 16 dogs at Mountain Ash Farm Glaisdale

1.  G. Blyth.           Hilston Sally.     76 OLF

2.  J Goulder.   Whitethorne Willow.  76

3.  J Atkinson       Cae.          63

4.  J Goulder. Tweeddale Kep 52

5.  J B Murdoch.  Husthwaite Bear.  50

1st before 11.00 Whitethorne Willow   2nd   Huetsthwaite Bear

Our next is at Egton, on the Glaisdale Rd out of Egton, field’s on the right. 10.30 start more than one dog first to be entered before 12.00


9.10.21 C Cutler Easby judged 29 Nursery dogs at Windy Hill Hutton Rudby

1.   J Atkinson             Kemi Jess. 79  OLF

2.    A Wilkinson.         Liz.              79

3.    S Beaton              Heyshaw Pete.    78. OLF

4.     J Goulder.     Whitethorne Willow.  78

5.    C Townson.            Fly.       77

6.  G R Harland.         Skip.        73

7    F Whitfield           Molly    73

8     A Grant               Nell     72

Our next is at Glaisdale  Mt Ash Farm sat  16th Oct, 10.30 start more than one dog first to be entered by 12.00




2.10.21  B Gullen judged 24 Nursery dogs at Greenend...


1    S Beaton                Heyshaw Pete    81

2    G R Harland                          Spot     67   (lift)

3    D Purtill                                 Sal     67

4    P Exelby                                 Sky    66

5    J Read                                    Fred    63

6    J B Murdoch          Husthwaite  Bear    62

7   G Blyth                        Hilston Sally     60

8   C Mellin                                   Sky      59


Our next is at Windy Hill, Hutton Rudby. 10.30 start, enter on the field, more than one dog, first to be entered by 12.00. 





2.10.21 Nursery at Green End 10.30 start 

(3.10. 21  Open Double gather at Kildale )

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