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Nurseries 22/23

The end of season pie n peas was lovely at the Worsley Arms with a good turnout.


11.3.23  Interclub with Northern, at Downholme, DL116AF the Ryedale team .

It is OFF !

Team Ryedale, can you make it for

next sunday, the 19th of March?


Weather permitting, this is our team... Downholm, 10.00 start


 Thank you all for stepping forward again.








The ever fluid Ryedale Team for the Inter Club

Correction No S Aconley and Jen.  Reserves  T Bell and Chad 9pts

Roy Cole and Pip 8 points.

B Swinbank and Ivy  7 points

Cancelled Conditions Too Wet!

4.3.23   Ryedale A.M trial, 10.00 start, 1 man one dog, dogs must have run in Ryedale Nurseries this winter ( and if there is time when all have run their first dog people may run a second dog ) 

1.00 P.M Championships The Barn Kirby Misperton



Mrs E Gautier judged 17 dogs in Ryedale's final morning Nursery trial at Kirby Misperton.

Wonderful Cole's Catering added greatly to the atmosphere of cheer in a cold wind! 

1   G Blyth                   Hilston Sally    77

2   J B Murdoch     Husthwaite Bear   73

3   C Townson                            Jen    71   olf

4   B Swinbank                  Foxridge Ivy   71

5     S Aconley                             Jen   71

6   J Goulder                    Hilston Sim   65

7   T Bennett                              Belle    60

8   C Townson                             Gyp    60

Off to Downholme DL116AF Next saturday 11.3.23 for the Interclub with Northern!


M A Mosey Judged 7 in the championships on four  mule hoggs


1  R Dugmore      Auchnafoy Fern           95

 2 JB Murdoch    Husthwaite Bear           93

3  J Atkinson                         Sandy         90



Good luck to our team for the English Nursery


Team Captain Sandy Beaton and Moss,

John Atkinson and Sandy,

Ian Murdoch and Husthwaite Bear.


18.2.13  Nursery Westgate Carr Rd   Please bring your trophie back!

26.2.23  English Nursery Finals         Last day to bring your trophies back!   

18.3.23 Presentation evening, Worsley Arms, 6 pm

for 6.30 eating. Pay on the night but please make

sure we know you are coming, in good time,

£16.50.  Contact... Tina Bennett, thank you, Tina.


Points for Ryedale Interclub selection



18.2.23  J Turnbull judged 26 dogs at Westgate carr Rd, Pickering


1   J Atkinson       Sandy          79

2   J Atkinson        Clemy          68        Olf

3    D Bristow      Husthwaite  Sweep    68  

4   C Townson         Gyp            66        Olf

5    M Watson           Joe             66

6   G Blyth             Hilston Sally   64

7   C Townson                     Jen   63         Olf

8   T Bell                          Chad    63   


Good luck to our team for the English Nursery Finals ... our final Nursery and Championship will be on 4.3.23  at The Barn, Kirby Misperton, only one dog after 12.00.





11.2.23 M Ward judged 18 dogs at Fryup Dale 

1   J Atkinson                       Clemy                     77

2   C Townson                        Gyp                      69

3   D Bristow   Husthwaite Sweep                      66

4   P Exelby                             Bett                    61

5   T Bennett                           Belle                   58

6   G R Harland                        Dan                    56

7   J Goulder   Whitethorne  Willow                      55

8   C Townson                         Jen                      51


Our next is Sat 18th February Westgate Carr Rd, Pickering. 10.30 start, more than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00.

4.2.23  E Gautier judged  19 dogs at The Barn, Kirby Misperton

1   D Bristow                   Husthwaite Sweep              77

2   M Watson                                     Stamp              76

3   D Purtill                                          Jill                  75

4    S Aconley                                     Jen                   74

5    J B Murdoch                 Husthwaite Bear                 70 olf

6    G Blyth                             Hilston Sally                  70

7     D Purtill                                       Ruby                 69

8    T Bennett                                     Belle                   65


Our next is  11.2.23 Ajalon farm, Fryup, Y021 2AR. 11.00 start, more than one dog first to be entered by 12.


28.1.23  Beautiful Fryup Dale, Ajalon Farm. 

J Simpson judged 22 dogs on an undulating course with four fit horned lambs each, no fetch gates and a shute.

1   P Simpson             Heyshaw  Sue              82

2   P Simpson              Heyshaw  Bill               79

3    C Townson                           Jen               77

4   D Bristow               Husthwaite Sweep        76

5   T Bennett                                  Belle          75

6   C Townson                                 Gyp           73

7   R Dugmore                    Auchnafoy Fern        67

8   R Murdoch                                  Millie          66   



E Mail from meg Hutchinson  Important information.

Thank you to all that have sent the form in, for those that have not, the cut off is the 31st January.


This is the address for this years final;


Bent House Farm, Tean, Stoke-on-trent, ST10 4JW.


Start time as with previous years; 7.30am.


There will be catering and toilets on site.


Entry to the venue is strictly prohibited (at the owners request)

prior to Sunday morning and with that societies are held accountable.

So please ensure all handlers running are aware.


The venue will be sign posted,


Any problems please just give me a shout,




Team running order for this year's final





South west

South East



North Westmoreland




East Anglian





28.1.23   Ajalon farm, Fryup, Y021 2AR. 11.00 start, more than one dog first to be entered by 12.

4.2.23     Kirby Misperton Road between Flamingoland entrance and Little Barugh. 

                   11.00 start, more than one dog first to be entered by 12.00




Happy New Year!

8.1.23  J Bell judged 25 dogs at Escrick again, weather marginally better, lambs ... consistant...


1   C Mellin             Pentre Bet                      84

2   C Townson                   Jen                       81

3   R Thackeray  Hilston Molly                        80

4   J Atkinson                Sandy                      79

5   J Atkimson               Clemy                      78

6   C Townson                  Gyp                       77

7    G Blyth          Hilston Sally                       71 olf

8   P Simpson     Heyshaw  Sue                      71 

Before 11.00 C Townson  Gyp P Simpson H. Sue



7.1.23    The Menagerie, Escrick, Tony Bell judged 20 dogs, in wildly varied weather, on flighty little black Heb. lambs.


1st    D Bristow    Sweep                           85

2nd   J Atkinson    Sandy                           82

3rd    G Blyth Hilston Sal                            78

4th    M Watson    Stamp                           76

5th   J Atkinson     Clemy                           75

6th   R Thackeray Hilston Molly                   71 olf

7th  J B Murdoch   Husthwaite Bear             71

8th R Dugmore    Auchnafoy Fern                66

before 11 Matt and Stamp Ian and Bear




7th  and 8th of jan 2023 Nursery

The Menagary Skipwith Road Escrick, York YO19 6EH

Hi Jackie, yes that is the correct address. Wil put signs at the end of the lane. Have put postcode on my trials diary web site this morning. If you are coming on the A19. Then as you enter Escrick you will pass a garage on your left hand side. Turn next left after it. Stay on that road through the village and you will come too the signs for the trial on your right after about one mile.




15.10.22  Plum Tree Farm Glaisdale   ...  on the main Glaisdale road, NOT down the T junction to Ash Tree farm where we usually are, 10.30 start, more than one dog first to be entered by 12.00, 

22.10.22  Jackie and Steve's, Egton

29.10.22  Jackie and Steve's, Egton

5.11.22   Roos, near Withernsea

12.11.22  Kildale at the farm

20.11.22   Pickering

26.11.22   Fridlington Farms

3.12.22     Fridlington Farms

11.12.22    SUNDAY Glebe Farm Westgate Carr Rd

17.12.22     Bransdale   CANCELLED

Christmas break

7.1.23    Escrick

8.1.23   Escrick    

Conclusion of the meeting at 12.30 to address a couple of matters arising from last week

1. The rules for running a nursery dog remain the same...any prize not in a Nursery eliminates them.

2.  New Handlers. The meeting agreed our society needs new handlers. Several members knew of young shepherds and farmers who had expressed an interest in trialling,and it was agreed that should they want to come they could run in all together in the middle of the day with assisstance as required from all present. Their course would be send your dog from the fetch gates to lift, fetch, drive to first obstacle and go to the pen.  


And you must be over 18 inches tall to compete.


11.12.22  M Ward of  Glaisdale judged 24 dogs at Westgate Rd on a most beautiful winter morning, cold, but firm underfoot and sunny.



1   G Blyth                      Hilston Sal        83      (Her 4th win)

2   J James                              Belle        79

3   J Goulder      Whitethorne Willow        70   olf

4   Carol Mellin                Pentre  Bet       70

5   M Watson                                Joe        69   olf

6 J B Murdoch           Husthwaite Bear       69

7  P Simpson                Heyshaw Bill         68

8  R Dugmore          Aughnafoy Fern           58                                               



Our next is on 17.12.22   South House Farm, Bransdale, YO62 7JW. 11.00 start, more than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00.



3.12.22. J Rangely judged 20 dogs at an enjoyable but challenging trial put on by Rachel and her team at the top.Very fit ewes made every one work for every point earned.

1. J B Murdoch.        Drax.     54
2.  J. Atkinson.       Sandy.      53
3.   T. Bennett.         Belle.       50
4.   S. Beaton           Moss.      49
5.   R Cole.                Pip.          48
6.   J Goulder Whitethorne Willow. 46

7   J B Murdoch Husthwaite Bear  38

8  B Swinbank         Ivy   30

Our next is Sunday 11th Dec. at the Glebe Farm Westgate Carr Rd, 10.30 start, more than one dog first to be entered by 12.00 




26.11.22 J Rangely judged 23 dogs at Fridlington Farms Sherriff Hutton

1  G Blyth    Hilston Sally   62 ... her third win this season ....
2   D Purtill              Jill   60
3   M Watson    Stamp   58 penned
4   S Beaton   Moss  58
5    J B Murdoch  Drax  57
6   J Atkinson  Sandy 56
7.  JB Murdoch  Husthwaite Bear.  54
8.  T Bennett   Belle  52
Our next is sat 3.12.22 again at Fridlington Farms Sherriff Hutton, more than one dog first to be entered by 12.00



20.11.22 Mrs. E. Gautier Withernsea judged 25 dogs at Glebe Farm Pickering

1 P Simpson Heyshaw Bill  83

2 J Atkinson   Clemy 82

3  C Townson   Jen  81

4  J  Goulder  Hilston Sim 74 OLF

5  JB Murdoch  Drax  74

6  C Mellin Pentre Bett 73

7  M Watson    Stamp 73

8  P Simpson Heyshaw Val  66


Our next is at Fridlington Farms Sheriff Hutton on Saturday 26th November. 10.30 start. More than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00.


12.11.22  M Ward  ( Glaisedale) judged 15 dogs at Kildale 


1        R Dugmore  Aughnafoy Fern   79

2        C Cutler                          Bert    65

3       T Bennett                         Bella    62

4       G Blyth                Hilston Sally    60

5        S Aconley                         Jen    58

6       P Exelby                           Bett     57

7      R Cole                               Pip      56

8       Roy Cole      Tweeddale Stella       45   


Our next is on Sunday  20.11.22  down Westgate Carr Rd Pickering YO188LX        10.30 start, more than one dog first to be entered before. 12.00


5.11.22. M Mason judged 15 dogs at Roos, Sheep were good, but cold wind affected the hearing of some dogs.

1  J B Murdoch  Husthwaite Bear    74

2  J A Bell.           Chad   71

3  S Beaton.          Moss. 70

4  G Blyth      Hilston Sally 67

5  J B Murdoch      Dell    63 OLF

6  J B Murdoch Hilston Drax 63

7  T Bennett           Belle     53

8  C Cutler              Bert      51


Our next is 12.11.22 at West House farm, Kildale 10.30 start more than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00


J Rangely judged 18 dogs at Egton 29.10.22

1   G Blyth  Hilston Sally      82

2    R Murdoch        Milly      74

3    S Beaton           Moss     73

4   P Exelby            Bett       63

5   J B Murdoch     Husthwaite Bear      61

6   S Aconley         Jenny      60

7  J Atkinson        Clemy      60

8  C Cutler             Bert       57


Our next is Furze Farm, Hilston Rd, Roos, Hull. HU12 0JB. 5.11.22.  11.00 start. More than one dog, first to be entered by 12.00.





Ryedale   S Cornforth judged 21 dogs at Egton a lovely am  in the sun after heavy rain previous days


1  R Dugmore Aughnafoy Fern    67

2  G Blyth   Hilston Sal  66

3  S Beaton  Moss       58

4   I Murdoch     Drax   56

5   T Bennett   Belle     46

6   C Cutler      Bert     45

7 J Goulder Whitethorne Willow 43

8 J Atkinson  Sandy    40


We are at the same venue again next week, 10.30 start, more than one dog first to be entered before 12.00.

There will be a meeting at 12.30 to address a couple of matters arising from last week.

Meeting 0n 29.10.22  at  12.30  discuss

Rules of eligibility for Nursery dogs

Rules     10.  Eligible Nursery dogs will not have won any prizes of any sort in any trial other than a Nursery except a Young Handler place. Two firsts in a Nursery season eliminate that dog from the next year’s Nurseries.


And   11. A Nursery dog can complete its Nursery season if it is placed in an Open trial after the 1st of the October Nurseries of that season.


New handlers

The object is to encourage, whilst reducing, as far as possible, the potential for extra stress and accidental injury/damage to either sheep or property of the host.

Starting new handlers from the fetch gates, shortening the drive and help on the course from an experienced person may improve the situation.







15.10.22    J Goulder Pickering judged 16 dogs at Plum Tree farm Glaisdale, many thanks to the Thompson family for setting up the course and bringing in the lambs!


1   G Blyth           Hilston Sally      81

2   J Atkinson                 Sandy      80 

3   S Beaton                  Moss       74

4   C Cutler                     Bert        71

5   S Aconley               Jenny        64

6   J Atkinson              Clemy         63 

7   R Cole                       Pip         60

8   R Murdoch               Milly         59


Our next is on Sat 22nd  Oct at Egton,  take the Glaisdale road opposite the Wheatsheaf  pub, at a field on your right, about 100 yards from  the turn. !0.30 start, more than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00.



Sunday 9.10,22   B Gullen judged 18 Nursery dogs  at Green End, Beck Hole.

1  C Cutler     Bert      76  and Dick Hollins memorial shield

2  S Beaton  Moss  74

3  B Swinbank  Ivy     62

4  J Atkinson  Sandy 61

5  J Goulder  Hilston Sim  60

6  J Atkinson   Jess  60

7  GR Harland  Mossdale Chip 57

8  G R Harland  Dan  47



Our next is 15.10.22 at Plum Tree farm, Glaisdale, on the main Glaisdale road, NOT down the T junction to Ash Tree farm where we usually are, 10.30 start, more than one dog first to be entered by 12.00, 


Kildale Show trial, 8.10.22  P Exelby judged 18 open dogs and 14 Nursery dogs at West House farm Kildale


New President,  and Highest pointed Ryedale member at 22 English Nationals,

C Cutler

1    C Cutler      Jill     80

2   I Murdoch   Hilston Sport   75

3   P Schelhorne   Westroughly Rob  74

4   R Dugmore  Burndale Wren 69

5  P Simpson   Heyshaw Belle 68

6  C Townson             Fly          67


1  C Mellin    Bett     67

2  C Cutler    Bert    68

3  G Blyth     Hilston Sally
















Saturday 8th of October, Open and Nursery trial, for Kildale Show. West House Farm Kildale Enter on the field,10.30 start. More than one dog first to be booked in by 12.00

First Ryedale Nursery 2022.  Greenend above Beck Hole.  A169 out of Pickering, SECOND turn off to Goathland, one hundres yards on take the left signed Beck hole. The trial is at the bottom of the hill, down a green lane on your right, and visible from the road. Sun 9th October, 10.30 start, enter on the field. More than one dog, first to be entered by 12.00 


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