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Open season after an appalling winter and spring weather wise, opened well with our first two trials over the weekend of 18/19th of May.

For results see the Opens24 page





















We are putting our Nursery ch's on at Kirby Misperton sat. 8th of May, 


Ken Hothem Memorial Trial at Nova Lane sunday 16th May


the Les Jones Memorial trial sunday the 23rd of May,


Stokesly Show Open trial at KILDALE,








 The lovely John Sergeant got it right when he said
“ if you’re not confused by what the government are saying then you’re not listening hard enough”!


There are plans for a Nursery season.


In the interests of conforming with social distancing, and protection of members from potential infection with Covid 19, Ryedale's Nursery trials will be comittee members only. For the duration of the corona virus threat, committee members are defined as members who ran more than five times at our last seaon's Nurseries, and considered Ryedale as their primary society, running for Ryedale in the Interclub.


Acres  K

Acres  R

Aconley   S

Atkinson J

Beaton   S

Bell     J A

Blyth G

Broughton  P

Bowmer D

Cook    J

Cornforth  S

Cole    R

Cutler  C

Dugmore   R

Exelby      P

Gautier   E

Goulder   J

Harland   G R

Law      P

Mosey   A

Murdoch   J B

Murdoch R

Rangely  J

Read     J

Read   S

Read   T

Thompson  JB

Thompson  P

Turnbull   J

Turnbull   P

Simpson J

Simpson  T

Ward  M

Wharton A

Wilkinson A

Young  W

 This gives the required no more than 30 people on the field at one time, but avoids the potential risks inherent in larger numbers. 







Not since 2001, the Foot and Mouth

year (and before that 2nd World War)

has this happened.

The ISDS official statement regarding COVID-19, 18.3.20

The health and well-being of our members, competitors, sponsors, volunteers and staff is of paramount importance. Advice from the Government and health officials regarding COVID-19 is changing daily with stronger restrictions being implemented and enforced. Considering this, we have concluded that all National, International and World trials will not take place this year. We understand and appreciate the level of disappointment that this will create, however we need to act responsibly during these times of uncertainty.

Local Trials
Based on advice issued by the UK Government on March 16th, specifically regarding restrictions on non-essential travel and contact, we strongly recommend that all local trials are cancelled.

We are receiving cancellation notifications daily and will be updating the trials calendar accordingly.

Points awarded at any local open trials will not be accepted by the ISDS as of today, 18th March; and this will continue until further notice.

Any affiliated local society that has purchased the ISDS Insurance must contact the office to raise a credit, as this insurance will be null and void as of today, 18th March 2020.

Major Trials - National, International & World
World trial entry has closed, please do not complete any further applications for World Trial entry, and those of you that have already entered will be contacted shortly.

We have made the decision that all major ISDS trials will not take place in 2020. The ISDS will now focus on managing the consequences of this, and when this is completed, start to undertake preparations for planning the 2021 major trial calendar. Once a 2021 calendar plan has been formed, a further statement will be released with necessary details.

We appreciate your support during this period of uncertainty.


Our host at Glaisdale, J B 'Brekkie'

Thompson, 88, working his dog Flyn

at Mt. Ash , Glaisdale

with lovely sunny weather, dry underfoot and some nice young dogs on the scene.


Welcome !

A quick request. Please, please remember the trials are run by volunteers, they are not you, the competitor's, employees. They are there before the start, setting up, sorting sheep, tracking trophies, and some have traveled a couple of hours to do this.They will still be there at the end, taking the course down, and sorting the prizes for those who have gone home.

It's a day out, it's a Show trial, it's very public. 

Just be kind, and enjoy the day.

Spectators take a keen Interest!


 To anyone who wants to spend hours out in the approaching rain storm whistling a lot

 The Ryedale Sheepdog Society website.


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