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Ryedale Rules

Ryedale Sheepdog Society Rules 2019

Nursery trials

1. All competitors must be a member of the RSDS. Annual subscription is £5.00

2. The society or the organisers reserve the right to limit entries, but this must be declared in the advertising before the trial.

3. Handlers with more than one dog must enter the first by 12.00. All dogs must be booked in by 1.00.

4. 2 and 1 points will be awarded to the best and second best run booked in before 11.

5. Trials organisers can call off a trial if the weather makes  conditions impossible to  hold a trial. Competitors must check with the host before setting off in bad weather.

6. The host reserves the right to refuse any member entry to their trial.

7. The secretary is not responsible for informing members of cancelled trials.

8. The organisers can close a trial at any time if there are no dogs left to run.  Points will be awarded to those who did run.

9. If conditions or unforeseen events cause a trial to be abandoned while there are still competitors waiting to run, points will be given if fifteen or more dogs have run.

10.  Eligible Nursery dogs will not have won any prizes of any sort in any trial other than a Nursery except a Young Handler place. Two firsts in a Nursery seaon eliminate that dog from the next year’s Nurseries.

11. A Nursery dog can complete its Nursery season if it is placed in an Open trial after the 1st of the October Nurseries of that season.

12. Young Handlers (under 25 at the start of the season) and New Handlers (defined as some one just coming into the sport) may run an Open dog, but not be eligible for any prize.

13. Prizes £3, £2.50, £2.00, £1.50, £1 and £1. Cards also to 7th and 8th. Championships £3, £2, and £1.

14.a.The team for the Inter – Club will be chosen the week before the set date, from dogs who have competed in at least 5 trials

14b. The draw for the Championship to take place the week previous and no changes of order are allowed. ***

15.  The final qualifying trial  for the English Nursery finals will a fortnight before the entry closing date.

16a. The rules for the trial preceding the Championship will be decided at the February meeting.

16b.  If the aggregate at the final nursery trial results in two people on equal points, the positions will be decided by points gained at the Inter-club.

17. In the interests of reducing stress to the sheep, the judge can time up the trial when the competitor has lost all his pen points, without loss of the competitor’s trial points.

18. Any dog rough handling the sheep will be called off at the judge's discretion.

19. Be aware that running orders are flexible for various reasons. The ultimate responsibility for noting changes does rest with the handlers.

20. Any member who is guilty of conduct which, in the opinion of the officials of the Ryedale society, breaches the rules of the society, brings the society into disrepute, commits any disciplinary offence of which the forgoing is a non-exhaustive list, shall, at the discretion of Officials of the RSDS, be reported officially to the ISDS for them to take any further action deemed necessary.

(Rule 13 *** the draw includes a number for the potential winner of the A.M. Nursery before the championship)



Open Trials

1. The entry fee is £5.00

2. The prizes will be £25, £20, £15, £10, £8 and £5.

3. If less than 30 dogs are present, prize money will be adjusted to 20,15,12, 10,8 and 5 pounds

4. If running two dogs, first must be booked in by 12pm

5. Competitors with more than 2 dogs may book in as per Rule 4, a third dog may or may not be allowed to run according to the conditions on the day.

6. The winner will be expected to judge the following year, if required.

7. All open trials will incorporate a shed.

8. To qualify as the ‘Highest Pointed Member at the National’ for the Fred Jones trophy, a ‘member’ is defined as a ‘working committee member, some one who has put on trials, judged, helped turn out sheep and, if eligible for more than one inter-club team, chose Ryedale'.





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