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Open Results 2021

G Blyth, Hilston, judged 51 open dogs at Egton on 24.10.21


1  P Simpson        Ben                85   and the Egton show trial Cup

2   A Wilkinson      Pip                 84

3   P Simpson   Heyshawe Belle     82

4   S Beaton      Heyshawe Pete     81

5   J Cook                           Tom      76

6   S Beaton                        Sam     75



A Bainbrdge from Leyburn judged 36 dogs at the Double Gather trial at Little Kildale on 3.10.21



1 A Wilkinson     Grace    138 and the Norman Darrel Cup

2 D Bristow          Moss    130

3 P Turnbull          Peg        127 and the Ken Hothem Ch of Ch's shield

4  C Mellin Moor Lodge Ben 126

5  A Wilkinson     Pip       123

6  P Walton   Scott 121 and the Jack Hollows Memorial plate




D Bristow judged 38 dogs at Little Kildale on 18.9.21


D Bristow judged 38 dogs at Little Kildale on 18.9.21

1 R saxon      Don                82

2 M Day         June               81

3  C Mellin      Gyp                80  = on OLF sorted by the Pen)

4  P Turnbull   Peg                80

5  C Mellin       Ben               79

6   D Aitken   Tweeddale Vicky    76



30.8.21                             Open Charity trial Fridlington farms 

A massive thankyou to everyone who came today. Special thankyou goes to Emma Richardson Beth Kennedy and Nina Hildreth for all your help!! Chris Grogan and everyone else for baking. Also special thankyou to Ian Murdoch for making it run smoothly and Roy Cole and Andrew Grant for letting sheep out. Grand total raised will be announced once all donations are in.
Judge Malcolm Mason
1st Ian Murdoch Hilston Sport 84
2nd Timothy Longton Roy 82
3rd Peter Simpson Ben 71
4th Alexander Wilkinson Grace 67 OLF
5th Ian Murdoch Ben 67
6th Jane Simpson Henry 61


22.7.21  Westgate Carr lane Ryedale open trial R Green (Redmire) judged 38 dogs. Our thanks to the landowner, Glynis, for permission to use the field for a trial, and for giving out the prizes.

1   D Bristow    Nell       85

2   D Bristow    Moss     72

3   A Mosey      Nell       68

4   C Cutler        Jill        68

5   A Mosey     Trooper   65   

6   A  Grant         Meg     64

To Derek and Bob, for letting out all day thankyou. Derek's dog Sam is the proud father of the first and second placed dogs! 



J Goulder judged 26 dogs at Gilling East  21.7.21 

A big course with big strong ewes. Many thanks to host Ian Mosey for the use of the land and sheep,and shepherd Elliot, wirh Alec, who turned out all day.

1   P Walton     Burndale Scott

2   J B Murdoch   Hilston Sport

3   S Beaton                    Sam

4   J Simpson                Henry

5   P Exelby                    Gem   

6   A Mosey                 Trooper


P Walton and Burndale Scott (Max)

Simpsons Windy Hill



11.7.21 S Walton judged 55 dogs at Windy Hill again, working on 2 mules and one texal, a grouping that worked well through out the day.

I   S Wilkinson  Pip  94

2   C Mellin          Ben   93

3    W Allen          Glen  90  OLF

4    D Bristow     Moss   90

5    D Bristow   Nell      87  olf

6    S Barcroft   Harry   87 

Thank you to Carol and Roy helping me out and for supplying the results ...! Bit like buses... none at all then three at once...   


Sun, Jun 20, 10:39 PM (11 hours ago)

Jane and Tim thank you all for coming and making it such a special weekend!she says,

'I would like to thank everyone involved in making this weekends trialing a brilliant two days.

The judges Phil and John

Tim my right hand man.

Sheep and weather,

members running on Saturday instead   of Sunday,

Jackie's multi-tasking (paper work,sheep shifting,photography )

Graham for pre entry

Jacklyn and grandaughter Charlotte for perfect sheep releasing and beer chilling,

my sisters baking,

John Atkinsons life stories,

runners and dogs,

anyone I have forgotten ( sorry ) 

Where would we be without friends. 

Huge thanks everyone .

Jane Simpson.'




20.6.21 P Exelby judged 35 dogs on the second day's trials at Windy Hill.


1    R Saxon                        Don   96

2   B Bell                          Hutch   92

3   W Allen                         Glen   91

4   P Schelhorne                   Roy   90

5   F Whitfield                     Jock    89

6   A Wilkinson                   Grace   80



Carol Mellin writes 'Worthy Double Gather Championship winner at Windy Hill, Hutton Rudby, David Bristow with Moss. Well done David! Phil Exelby judged the 5 contenders.' 19.6.21



1. David Bristow MOSS 152/160

2. Wayne Allen GLEN 151

3. Carol Mellin GYP 142

Thanks to Tim and Jane Simpson for putting on a wonderful 2 day trial, on excellent well managed sheep.


Carol Mellin writes 'Credit to Jane Simpson and husband, Tim, for putting on a super trial at Windy Hill Farm, Hutton Rudby. The top 3 go into the Double Gather Championship after the trial to be held tomorrow. John Rangeley judged the 26 dogs, running on unbelievably well farmed mule shearlings. (So looking forward to my run in the D.G. Championship tomorrow)' and gives results below... 


Thank you, and there is still tomorrow to look foreward to ... hope the promised rain stays away... (and it did)



1. David Bristow MOSS 109/110

2. Carol Mellin GYP 107

3. Shirley Barcroft BEN 104 OLF

4. Raylia Dugmore BURNDALE WREN


5. Phil Exelby JESS 103

6. John Atkinson WHITEROSE QUEEN





D Bristow judged 46 dogs at Little Kildale for Stokesly Show trial 29.5.21


1    B Bell                              Hutch         80

 2   D Aitkin           Tweeddale   Nell       79

3    P Turnbull                             Peg     76  OLF

4    A Wilkinson                           Pip      76

5    C Cutler                                Sam     75

6    S Wilkinson                          Gem     74  OLF

7   D Aitkin                 Tweeddale Nell      74

8   F Whitfield                             Jock     72


23.5.21.  Great day at Nova lane, the memorial trial for the late  Les Jones of Pickering, long time successful handler of sheepdogs and much missed by the Ryedale Sheep dog Society, celebrated today at this trial, one always associated with him. Once again thanks to all the helpers, a great team! And, of course, the Thompson family ...


Judged by J Rangely, with 39 dogs ran, the winner of the memorial silver cup was 


1   D Bristow and  Nell    97

2   J Read             Wisk   91

3   C Cutler            Sam  90  

4   A. Grant            Meg   89

5   C Mellin            Gyp    88

6   J simpson        Henry  82


Just Having a Moment


We are watcing you

Ken Hotham Memorial trial. P Turnbull  judged 53 dogs. Grateful thanks to Team Thompson for the loan of the field and sheep! 16.5.21

C Caerts' Glen came 4th, beaten by kennel mate Luca, in 1st place

Our thanks to the letting out team at the top of the field, and the judge for stepping in at the last moment. Mr Caerts, we very much hope you are around next year to judge for us! 16.5.21


1   C Caerts                         Luca

2   L Christie                       Knock

3   S Beaton                           Sam

4   C Caerts                            Glen

5   D McMullen                        Sid

6   J Atkinson       Whiterose Queen     


They found the trial on the internet! C Caerts, from Belgium via Scotland, 1st and 4th, and the team of L Christie and D McMullen  from Ireland in 2nd and 5th places, with experienced dogs Sam and Whiterose Queen for S. Beaton and J Atkinson, made the best of the fit mule ewes and had lovely runs. 16.5.21

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