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8.5.21 E Gautier Judged at Kirby Misperton a.m Nursery trial, and G Blyth the pm Championship

Best wishes to Ian Murdoch, having his hip done - Speedy recovary, Ian; Sandy and Pershaw Pete was missed too. A very poor weather forecast fulfilled all expectations, but Roy Cole's mobile catering in the Barn was  a key consoling feature, SO very much appreciated. Ditto our two judges. Thank you!

1   J Simpson              and Henry  77

2   J Goulder and Tweeddale Kep   76

3    S Aconley   Lad                      66   

4    J Atkinson   Stella                  65

5    R Cole   Tweeddale Stella        55

6   J Read      Denwyn Fred           50


Championship  G Blyth

1   J Simpson                       Henry

2   J Goulder           Tweeddale Kep 

3   S Aconley                          Lad

4   C Cutler                             Sam







Nothing after Christmas, Lock Down Intervened...

Christmas Break!

P. Turnbull judged our Nursery at Bransdale, last of the season. Sheep were very manageable and fun to work. 


1    S Aconley          Hilston Lad             76

2    C Cutler                        Sam             73

3    J Simpson                    Henry            72

4    B Harland                      Spot             71

5    J B Murdoch                    Nip            70

6   J Goulder       Tweeddale Kep            64 

7   S Beaton         Hayshaw Pete            57

8   J Simpson                     Meg            55


No idea when our next will be, just grateful we were able to enjoy some friendly trialing, and look forward to once more welcoming everyone next year who has missed out this year. 

 Happy Christmas, every one!







This sat's trial 12th dec at Bransdale until the

following sat, 19th Dec.



After a month's pause to accomadate C19, happily if briefly back in business...


Thank you to our hosts who braved wet conditions, provided very mannerly sheep and poured the Port!


6.12.20   R Murdoch ( Sheriff Hutton)  judged  12 dogs at Hutton Rudby


1  J Goulder             Tweeddale Kep     78

2  Jane Simpson                        Meg     77

3  J Simpson                            Henry    75

4  S Aconley                    Hilston Lad    74   OLF

5   C Cutler                                 Sam    74

6  J B Murdoch                            Nip     73   

7  S Beaton                 Hayshaw Pete     70

8  T Bell                                    Dale    68 


     Next week 12.12.20  C19 committee members only Nursery at South bank farm, Bransdale, 11.00 start..


5.12.20    P Exelby (Tadcaster)  judged 13 Nursery dogs at Kirby Misperton


1   C Cutler                                 Sam      78

2   J Goulder              Tweeddale Kep     73

3   T Bell                                     Chad     72

4   G R Harland                          Spot      70

5  J B Murdoch                            Nip       66

6   S Beaton              Hayshaw Pete       61  

7  T Bell                                  Dale      60

8 S Aconley                   Hilston Lad      54         


Next week 12.12.20  C19 committee members only Nursery at South bank farm, Bransdale, 11.00 start..


L Morland judged 14 dogs at Mt Ash Farm 31.10.20

Grateful thanks to the hosts, the Thompson family, J B doing stirling work on the exhaust gates.

The weather was gruesome but the atmosphere cheerful, tempered with some anxiety, as a second lockdown seems to be in the offing.

1   J B Murdoch                  Nip      75

2   J Goulder    Tweeddale Kep       69

3  S Beaton      Hayshaw  Pete       66   olf

4  J Simpson                   Meg       66

5  J Simpson                Henry       64

6  J Cook                        Max      61   olf

7  C Cutler                      Sam     61

8 G R Harland                 Skip      60


B Gullen  judged 15 dogs at Kirby Misperton on 25.10.20, a bright, reasonably mild day enjoyed by all, and a new team of creditable Turners Out are to be celebrated!


1   S Aconly                Hilston Lad         79

2   S Beaton           Hayshaw Pete        74

3   C Cutler                              Sam    73   olf

4   J Goulder          Tweeddale Kep       73

5   J Atkinson          Marchup Stella      70

6   R Harland                         Skip       66

7   R Cole             Tweeddale Stella       63

8  J Simpson                          Henry      57

Our next is once again at Mt Ash, 31.10.20. 


E Gautier judged 15 dogs at Mountain Ash farm, Glaisdale, 24.10.20 Thanks to our hosts the Thompson clan, from 90 years to 9 months young Pete the Star!


1   J Simpson                        Henry            74

2   S Aconly                  Hilston Lad            66

3   C Cutler                               Sam           62

4   J B Murdoch                         Nip            61   olf

5  J Goulder              Tweeddale Kep          61

6   R Cole              Tweeddale Stella          58

7  J Simpson                            Meg          58

8  T Bell                                  Chad          57





17.10.20    B Gullen judged 18 dogs at Egton

Many thanks to our hosts Jackie and Steve, turning out and helping out!


1   J Simpson                    Henry           81

2   J Goulder      Tweeddale Kep             65

3   S Aconley         Hilston  Lad              64

4   S Beaton        Hayshaw  Pete            63

5  J Cook                               Max         61

6  G R  Harland                     Spot          60

7  C Cutler                            Sam          58

8 G R Harland                       Skip           50



Our next is At Glaisdale,  24. 10.20  Covid committee only, followed on sun 25 with CovCom Only at Kirby Misperton.



11.10.20   Covid19 Committee trial for Open dogs at Windy Hill G R Harland judged 24 dogs


Many thanks to our hosts Jane and Tim for their weekend's work putting on two days trialing for us, so appreciated. Well done to James and Hilston Ted, open winners, and Jane with Henry the Nursery winners.


1  J Read                  Hilston Ted    96

2   J Atkinson  Whiterose Queen    95

3   JB Murdoch         Hilston Sport  94 OLF

4   W Young             Farslack Tizz  94

5    P Exelby                        Jess  91 

6 C Cutler                          Jill     89



Our next is at Egton, 17.10.20  11.00 start



10.10.20    Nursery Windy Hill P Exelby judged 15 dogs


1   J Simpson         Henry   85 

2   C Cutler              Sam    80

3   S Aconly   Hilston Lad   79

4   AJ Bell                 Dale   71

5  J Read   Denwyn  Fred  71

6  J Simpson             Meg  66 

7  S Beaton         Hayshaw Pete  59

JB Murdoch                         Nip  54   





First Nursery Covid Committee members only  At Greenend, Beckhole. 11.00 am start,   3.10.20   

Poor weather did not spoil the atmosphere of the first Nursery under C19 restrictions. We thank our host Andrew and Esme too for putting it on and congratultions to our winner, Ian and Nip.                

12 dogs ran   Greenend farm J Goulder judged  3.10.20


presented by host, Andrew Hollins ( that is not the winning dog by the way!)

1   J B Murdoch        Nip     68   and 1st trial Dick Hollins trophy olf

2   J Simpson          Henry   68

3   S Beaton            Pete    54

4   S Aconley Hilston Lad    53

5   C Cutler              Sam   49

6  GR Harland          Spot   48

7  R Cole    Tweedale Stella 43

Our next is at Windy Hill Hutton Rudby sat 10.10.20, 11.00 start followed on 11.10.20  by a trial for open dogs at Windy Hill, same venus,covid committee members only



Open and Nursery Trials from the ISDS

Many Members who are running Open and Nursery trials are asking for more guidance. To this end one of our members who is a solicitor by profession, has very kindly volunteered his help to draw together the necessary guidance and advice that anyone running an outdoor sporting or leisure event needs to adhere to. The document will now be submitted to the appropriate Government department who deal with dispensations for outdoor leisure and sporting events. Approval from this department would give all committees and individuals organising trials the comfort that they are properly compliant. In addition to the overall guidance and advice, organisers need to ensure they have insurance cover and check if there are any local authority restrictions exclusive to their immediate area. We are hopeful that this document will go onto the Society website next week.


Nurseries 20/21

Under Covid 19 regulations, on Sun 27th 0f September, we are having a trial strictly for Ryedale 'covid committee members' to run their Open dogs

10.30 Start West house farm, YO21 2SE, Kildale.

We hope to be able to announce some Nursery dates under the same conditions after Sunday 27th


There are plans for a Nursery season.


In the interests of conforming with social distancing, and protection of members from potential infection with Covid 19, Ryedale's Nursery trials will be comittee members only. For the duration of the corona virus threat, 'covid committee members' are defined as members who ran more than five times at our last seaon's Nurseries, and considered Ryedale as their primary society, running for Ryedale in the Interclub.


Acres  K


Aconley   S

Atkinson J

Beaton   S

Bell     J A

Blyth G

Broughton  P

Bowmer D

Cook    J

Cornforth  S

Cole    R

Cutler  C

Dugmore   R

Exelby      P

Gautier   E

Goulder   J

Harland   G R

Law      P

Mosey   A

Murdoch   J B

Murdoch R

Rangely  J

Read     J

Read   S

Read   T

Thompson  JB

Thompson  P

Turnbull   J

Turnbull   P

Simpson J

Simpson  T

Ward  M

Wharton A

Wilkinson A

Young  W

 This gives the required no more than 30 people on the field at one time, but avoids the potential risks inherent in larger numbers. 


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