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Brian Hope judged 49 dogs at the George Redpath Memorial Trial at Dacre 30.11.19

1 D Bristow Nell 92 and the winner's trophy given by Mrs Holiday

2 S McCulloch Sam 84

3 J Atkinson Whiterose Queen 82 olf

4 R Fawcett Keef 82

5 G Blyth Hilston Silk 80

6 A Temple Fly 78  


A wonderfully supported trial on a sunny frosty day, fit mule hoggs gave everyone a challenge.




20.10.19  Open Trial Fridlington farms, Sheriff Hutton YO61 1EE ...T Bell judged 52 dogs, big course and testing hoggs.

A Grant and Meg earned the silver Darrel Memorial Cup


A Mosey and Nell, 2nd place earns the Ken Eddon memorial Shield.





Half moon rising over the rocks above the trial

J Read judged 30 open and 17 Nursery dogs at Kildale Show trial  7.9.19


1 D Bristow    Moss   89 and silver cup            89

2 P Turnbull   Peg      87

3 S Beaton    Sam     86

4 G Blyth      Hilston  Spot  79

5   J Whitely      Wisp          78

6  JB Murdoch   Ben            77 and Best Outrun before the Pen cup.



1   C Cutler             Sam     62 OLF

2   P Exelby            Jess     62

3  J Goulder  Valmis Kismet   62

4  A Grant                Meg        61

5  T Simpson          Mist         61



Hi Jackie the results for today are Open 19 dogs (40 dogs altogether!) Farndale 26.8.19 D Dowks judges

1 P Turnbull Peggy 94

2 J Atkinson Queen 88

3 A Mosey Nell 87

4 A Wilkinson Grace 86

5 P Schellhorne Roy 82

6 A Wilkinson Kate 81

Nursery 21 dogs

1 P Exelby Jess 80 OLF

2 A Wilkinson Pip 80

3 B Simpson Gem 75

Sunley Trophy for The Nursery Winner: P Exelby Jess Colin Pickering Ices Shield for the Open Winner: P Turnbull Peggy

Thank you Jack Turnbull for booking in! Thank you to the turning out team boiling in the sun! A lovely show trial.



With John 'Brekki' Thompson on the mike introducing the runners and explaining the action this is a very friendly, well supported trial. The weather was kind, the scenary lovely, thank you to the mischivous sheep suppliers Steve Cornforth and Jackie.  

Egton Show Trial 21.8.19  J Read Judged 27 open dogs, 11 nursery dogs

G Blyth with 1st place Hilston Silk and 4th place Hilston Spot

1   G Blyth       Hilston Silk            93     and the Albert Thompson Memorial cup

2   C Cutler                Jill              89

3   J Atkinson   Whiterose Queen   87

4   G Blyth       Hilston Spot          84

5   J Whitely               Rocky         80

6   B Bell                   Hutch         78   

Best Run Before Lunch  J Goulder   Chap     H Wilson Memorial cup (Not available)

Nursery class (no shed)

1   J Goulder    Valmis Kismet           76

2   J Atkinson                 Nel            71

3   R Dugmore  Burndale Wren        69

4   P Schelhorne  Westroughly Rob   63


14.8.19   Danby Show J B Murdoch judged 27 open dogs, 14 Nursery dogs.

Weather was a little damp but not as bad as predicted, the sheep were fit texel cross shearlings who could be tricky but were basically manageable and fun; great atmosphere at a well suported country show.

1 J Atkinson    Whiterose Queen                   89   OLF   and trophy

2 G Blyth       Hilston Spot                           89

3 P Schelhorne                  Roy                    84

4 R Galloway                     Sky                    81

5 P Exelby                         Gem                  81  OLF

6 C Cutler                         Jill                     81

7  J Read               Hilston Ted                    79

8  G Blyth              Hilston Silk                    75

Nursery class

1 S Beaton        Ballyglass Vic                     78

2 S Aconly                    Cindy                     65

3 P Exelby                      Jess                     62

4 J Goulder   valmis Kismet                        57




the trophies...

7.8.19   C Mellin judged 38 dogs at Thornton  Dale show  trial  


1   P Exelby    Gem           78     Cup and 1st before lunch

2   C Cutler     Jill               69

3  J Atkinson   Queen        67

4  G Blyth Hilston Silk       63 OLF 

5  P Schelhorne  Gunnerwell Ted  63    and second before lunch

6  M Shields       Bing       61 

7 G Blyth  Hilston Spot     60

8 P Turnbull   Peg             58

9  B Swinbank    Jill         57     OLF trophy

(Sutcliffe Hard luck trophy M Shields but returned to show managment for repairs)


Lovely day out at this show, the sheep arrived and returned home to A Mosey's farm (thank you very much) very smoothly and mainly behaved well, though a small issue with breaking out of release pen into the wood behind could have been awkwed... and a strong class of Best Conditioned dogs was won by R Cole's Tweedale Stella.


Our next is Thornton Dale Show, wed 7th August.

30.7.19   B Swinbank judged 49 dogs  at Ryedale Show trial.



1st with Hilston Ted, 3rd with Wisk... James and Tom Read.

1   J Read     Hilston Ted                   79                 9          and the silver fruit bowl

2   P Turnbull           Peg                   75                 8

3   J Read             Wisk                    68                 7

4   D Aitkin  Tweeddale Buzz              67               6   OLF

5   S Atkinson         Meg                    67               5

6   J B Murdoch       Ben                     66               4     OLF

7   A Throup           Bess                    66

8   P Turnbull         Floss                     57

9  M Metcalfe         Boris                     55 


D Aitkin's Tami, overall winner of the Showing class, ( Wrelton Village Hall trophy, still with Trophy sec)

Our next is Ryedale Show,  Tuesday, 30th July 2019

Location: Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire

Pre-entry by 1st July by post, download entry form from show website or by 8 July on-line; may enter on field but will be charged admission.


Contact info@ryedaleshow.co.uk

C Thompson Tel: 07984 939701


A quick request. Please, please remember the trials are run by volunteers, they are not you, the competitor's, employees. They are there before the start, setting up, sorting sheep, tracking trophies, and some have traveled a couple of hours to do this.They will still be there at the end, taking the course down, and sorting the prizes for those who have gone home.

It's a day out, it's a Show trial, it's very public. 

Just be kind, and enjoy the day.




30.6.19   Malton Show Trial   J Read judged 44 dogs

R Fawcett with Keef and Lola

1   R Fawcett                      Keef      93             9  S Harrison Silver Cup overall winner (Still LOST)Best Shed. OLF prize.

2   JB Murdoch          Hilston Elmo     77           8        Best Local Shield

3  R Fawcett                         Lola      76           7             OLF

4  J Goulder                         Chap      76           6              Ladies Rosebowl.

5   S Beaton                         Sam      76            5         Best Pen cup

6   A Bradley                         Rap      74   OLF

7   P Schelhorne                     Roy     74

8   A Mosey                       Trooper     67

9   A Baines

A well supported first summer show trial, perfect weather for it, enlivened by a handsome black faced Norfolk Horn and and an irate Badger Face escaping their keepers and putting in a couple of laps of the trial field before very reluctantly departing.  

Grateful thanks to Team Murdoch for the Pratley, their

turner- outers, and the

clear - up crew!


26.5.19  Nova Lane J Rangely had 34 dogs

1   JB Murdoch                 Ben      82     Ken Hothem Trophy

2   A Mosey                  Trooper     72

3   J Read               Hilston Ted      71

4   P Turnbull                    Peg      69

5   T Bell                         Glen      67

6   J B Murdoch Hilston      Stan    62



25.5.19 Nova Lane E Gautier judged 32 dogs

A Mosey and Nell 


1   A Mosey       Nell                  83

2   S Beaton      Sam                  72

3   A Mosey       Trooper              72

4   J Read          Wisk                  65

5   C Cutler         Jill                    64

6   J Whitely      Rocky                 64



16.3.19 B Harland judged 26 dogs am at Cawton near Helmsley

A Mosey and Trooper, winners of the morning trial


1   A Mosey           Trooper                    90

2   J Read                  Wisk                    89

3   JB Murdoch            Ben                    87

4   G Blyth         Hilston Silk                   80

5   B Bell                   Hutch                   79

6   G Blyth       Hilston Spot                    78

Afternoon trial J Goulder judged 27 dogs

1  S Beaton                      Sam               88

2  P Turnbull                    Floss                84

3  G Blyth                        Silk                 83

4  J Read               Hilston Ted                 83

5  P Turnbull                     Peg                 79

6  L Morland                  Trixie                 77




Open trial, am 9.30 start, pm trial to follow, enter to email as given Cawton, off the Helmsley road,visible from the road.

Contact carol.mosey@virgin.net



There are hundreds of local trials held every year, ranging from small events with few facilities up to medium and large size events with catering and often other side events to keep the interest not only of dedicated sheepdog people but also of the more cosmopolitan members of the general public.

Please Note For a trial to be considered a Qualifying Trial for a National Trial it must not be run as part of a novice or nursery trial and it must be open to all with no unreasonable restriction or qualification, either geographical or in any other way. A minimum of 25 dogs must compete at the Trial. The course must be a National style course that includes a drive element. The trial must be advertised on the ISDS website at least one week before the trial date, or details published in a copy of the local agricultural press (in Southern Ireland this being the Farmers Journal) with publication being on a date before the trial date.

NOTE: Where a Trial is advertised as a Single Session, and then run as Two Sessions (morning & afternoon) ONLY the morning session will be considered as a Qualifying Trial for the Nationals

Please email details of your trials as soon as possible to office@isds.org.uk, giving date, venue, how to get there and postcode if possible (for Sat Nav users), type of trial (Open, Novice, Nursery, Brace etc), whether entries are on the field or in advance, and a contact phone number (and email if available).

Opens 2019


2.2.19   Thornton Dale open    JoJo Pattinson judged 25 dogs and threatened weather was relatively pleasent... four fit hoggs were, mainly, managable on a challanging terrain.

1    P Turnbull     Peg       81

2    D Bristow      Nell      8o

3    D Bristow     Moss     72

4    M Shields      Bing     62

5    L Morland     Duke     58

6    JB Murdoch    Ben      57


(Our next is a Nursery)

9.2.19    Nursery High Farm   10.30 start more than one dog first to be entered by 12.00  High Farm Crosscliffe Langdale End   YO130LN   Scarborough   01723 882434




 2. 2.19      Ryedale Open sat First 30 entries texted to Pete Turnbull, 07977 396829                   10.30 start. If running two dogs, first must be booked in by 12pm

Entry Closed


6.1.19      Open Escrick   J A Bell judged 36 dogs


1   P Turnbull   Floss    96   and the Ken Eddon trophy

2 W Young       Rap     94

3  S Wilkinson  Pip      86  OLF

4  R Galloway  Skye    86           

5  P Exelby      Gem    86

6  M Mason      Slip    82

7 M Shields   Bing      82


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