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20.5.23    Nova Lane Pickering YO18 8PN,  Ken Hotham Memorial Trial, 9.30 start, enter on the field, one dog only after the sheep go back which will be after run 30.


21.5.23   Nova Lane Pickering YO18 8PN, Les Jones Memorial Trial, 9.30 start, enter on the field, one dog only after the sheep go back which will be between run 25 to  30.

(Nos. of sheep available divided by number in each pkt = number of runs you can provide, so the host can say at what run the sheep will go back.

The sheep can go back when convenient, so long as not mixed with un-run sheep.)


Malton Show with a sheep dog trial is on Sunday the 25th of June, 10.30 start, for more information please contact  Malton Show staff on 01653699108, answer phone installed..Entries close friday 16th of June.

Ryedale Show with a sheepdog trial is on tuesday 25th of  July, more details available when they are available to us.  

(Osmotherly Show trial on the 5th August)

Thornton Dale Show sheepdog trial will be held on 6th August, the Sunday before the the show.   ( in Pickering, 10.00 start, enter on the field, only one dog on second time over sheep, between 25th and 30th run) 

More details or amendments will be made public as they become available.


1.10.23    Kildale Show  Open and Nursery trials  held at West House Farm, Kildale, Y212SE 11.00 start, enter on the field.

Open Double Gather at Fridlington Farms, Sheriff Hutton.   YO611EE, on Sunday 15th Oct. Start time 9.00,  enter on the field, no re-run sheep.

15.10.23    Double gather Open at Fridlington farms Mr P Walton judged 32 dogs


1   A Wilkinson                Liz              140

2   A Wilkinson               Pip               136

3   S Duckworth           Fleet              123

4   T Chamberlin           Billie              108   OLF

5   T Bennett                 Belle             108   

6   D Aitkin                   Tammie         107 




 21.10.23  Ryedale Nursery Plum Tree Farm Glaisdale YO21 2PZ     ...   10.30 start, more than one dog first to be entered by 12.00, 




1.10.23    C Cutler, Easby, judged 18 0pen and  13 Nursery dogs at West House Farm Kildale


1...P Turnbull                           Peg    86                  and the Kildale Show trial Cup

2   B Swinbank                        Bill      82

3   R Dugmore       Burndale   Wren  78

4   P Simpson                           Bill     77

5   A Mosey                               Nell    74

6   P Exelby                               Jess   71




1   A Grant          Kate           77

2   S Aconley       Sally          73

3   J B Murdoch    Dell           66 





First Ryedale Nursery 2023.  Greenend, above Beck Hole.  A169 out of Pickering, SECOND turn off to Goathland, one hundred yards on take the left signed Beck hole. The trial is at the bottom of the hill, down a green lane on your right, and visible from the road. Sat 7th October, 10.30 start, enter on the field. More than one dog, first to be entered by 12.00 


28.7.23   Farndale Show Trial  J Turnbull judged 9 Nursery and 12 0pen dogs. As ever, challanging swales of various ages on an uphill course, well supported by show goers 


1   C Townson                  Fly    74    and the Winner's shield

2   R Dugmore Burndale Wren    59

3   J B Murdoch  Hilston Sport    57 olf

4   C Townson                   Gyp   57 olf

5   T Bennett                     Jill     57

6   P Exelby                     Jess  56




1   C Cutler                              Bert   70        and the Sunley Cup

2   P Broughton                        Bett   69

3   S Jarvis                             Rosie  62

4   J B Murdoch                       Dell    59


Egton Show Trial 23.8.23   C Cutler judged 16 Open, 7 Nursery dogs

at this most atmospheric of the summer show trials, with its three row deep,

appreciative audience looking down on the course.

Huge thank you to Mr and Mrs C Cutler, stepping into judging/ time keeping spot!


1   S Walton     Jim                        92   and the Albert Mem Cup, presnted.

2   P Schelhorne  Westruffly Rob     77   and best before lunch H Wilson Mem Trophy, not present

3  P Simpson                      Bill       76

4   P Simpson                     Belle     75

5   B Swinbank                    Bill       74  olf

6   G Blyth               Hilston Sally     74


S Walton won with Jim



1   S Aconley                   Sally        73

2   P Exelby                     Bett          68






Danby Show P Turnbull judged 12 dogs 18.8.23

1   J Read            Hilston Ted          86

2    G Blyth          Hilston Sally        8o

3    T Bennet                   Belle       72

4    T Bennet                   Jill           62

5     B Swinbank              Ivy  

6     B Swinbank              Henry

Novice     T Bennet           Belle


A Temple with the Jack Hollow's Memorial plate


Many thanks to all our helpers and cheerful competitors, a lovely atmosphere and lovely sun shine, S. Walton judged 45 dogs. Pickering Th.le.D. show trial 6.8.23

D Tillotson and Ziggy



Judge Pauline Dean and her Pick of the collies, overall winner T Bennet and Jill, runner up N Toner and Ozzie, who won the sheepdog trial.


Rachel said 'Massive thankyou to everyone who came yesterday to the George Redpath Memeorial Trial. It was a brilliant day with 55 dogs in total. Grand total of money raised will be confirmed later.' 12.8.23, A Grant the judge.


Open - 40 dogs

1st Stuart Walton - Maid - 90

2nd Peter Simpson - Ben - 89

3rd Tárcio Michelon - Banza - 83

4th Arthur Temple - Jan - 82

5th Timothy Longton - Niro - 76

6th Matt Watson - Shadwell Stamp - 75


1st Matt Watson - Shadwell Stamp - 75

2nd Brenda Swinbank - Ivy - 71

3rd Elaine Hill - Beth - 47


1st Rachel Murdoch - Bear - 51

2nd Arthur Temple - Roxy - 46

3rd Will Young - Fen - 45


Judge, last year's winer, C Mellin said 

'So enjoyed my day yesterday judging the Ryedale Show SDT. 25.7.23, Good company, but those testing sheep (hence the points). Well done Raylia Dugmore for winning with Wren. Your ethics, which you mentioned to me when you went out to run, worked.

So good to see a good country show with so many people enjoying themselves.



1. Raylia Dugmore   Burndale WREN 60/100

2. Ian Murdoch             Hilston SPOT 56

3. Graham Blythe     Hilston SALLY 54 OLF

4. Arthur Temple   Marchup ANN 54

5. Stuart Walton                SPOT 53

6. Arthur Temple                 JAN 44


26 dogs ran'

Thank you very much, Carol!


20.5.23  P Exelby, Tadcaster, judged 32 dogs at Nova Lane, very fit and opinionated mule gimmer hoggs.


1   D Aitken     Tweeddale Vicky              73   And the Ken Hothem Memorial Cup

2   J Saukkenon           Gannon               69

3   I Murdoch        Hilston Sport               64

4    S Beaton                      Moss              63

5   D Aitken     Tweeddale Tammy           62

6   G Blyth                Hilston Sally            61


21.5.23    C Townson Dent judged  28 dogs  at Nova lane Pickering, the hoggs remained challenging at times.

1  D Aitken           Tweeddale Vicky              78 OLF     and Les Jones memorial Cup

2  P Turnbull                             Peg              78

3  W Young                 Farslack Tizz              74

4  G Blyth                      Hilston Sally             73  OLF           

5  I Murdoch                  Hilston Sport             73

6  D Aitken              Tweeddale Buzz              70


Our next trial is on 27. 5. 23  Stokesley Show Trial at Little Kildale 10.00 start enter on the field, more than one dog first to be entered by 12.00


27.5.23, Judge C Cutler Easby. On  the interesting Little Kildale field, 19 dogs ran, the placed dogs making a great job of fit Scot hoggs.


1   P Turnbull                                           Peg      89    and the Stokesley show Cup

2   A Mosey                                              Nell       84 olf

3   A Grant                                               Gus       84

4   J Relph                                               Jock      80

5   B  Galloway                                       Nemo      78

6   I Murdoch                               Hilston Sport       77

7   B Bell                                                  Ace        69

8   R Dugmore                           Burndale Wren       64


25.5.23   Malton Show Trial   M Mason Judged 30 dogs   Many thanks to sheep owners, Mr Brader, alligator supplier, Mr Metcalfe and Callum, sheep trainers W Young, R Dugmore andT Bennett, turner outers Laura and Alora, judge Mr Mason, and competitors! My hat's off to the apparantly unflappable Lorraine and Anne ... Stars!!!


1   A.Temple                          Jan  90     Best pen, Best Shed Cups

2   A Temple                          Kate 76

3   C Townson                         Gyp 71

4   S Walton                          Maid  70

5   B Bristow                        Moss   69   Best Local

6   W Young              Farslack Tizz    69

7  D Tillerton                        Ozzy     67

8   S Beaton                         Moss   66 OLF

9   D Tollerton                      Ziggy   66

Best lady   R Dugmore and Auchnafoy Fern        






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