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23 June 2014
Mike Davies in Cyprus

We welcome back Mike Davies after his holiday in Cyprus where he found roads with no potholes, flowers growing at the sides of roads and roundabouts with water fountains. This is in spite of Cyprus having had financial problems, as Mike explains:

Europe's banking practices are bordering dangerous - with the exception of Germany and Switzerland- and the banks will be crippled as a result of the new precedent set by the Cyprus bailout deal.  However problems did not appear evident on my holiday visit, as you will see from the video I have posted on YouTube - and shown below.

Aphrodite's birth place
Cyprus is indeed a lovely country, with blue skies and sunshine, the Cypriots are lovely people, helpful and love to chat.

The last 12 month have seen only 2 days of rain, and the island is in a drought crisis, rivers dried up, farmland destroyed by the constant sun and high temperatures.  Tourism is what they rely on, but the Euro has made goods and food expensive.

I was there 20 yrs ago and what a difference, today there are motorways which will take you to your destination in no time, flowers line the side of the roads and are even watered, roundabouts have fountains (working) despite the drought problems the island faces, grass verges are cut and taken away, and I saw no sign of litter.

Life is still at a snail’s pace, but there’s always tomorrow,  a good philosophy.


A Cyprus sunrise 

My grandson drove, leaving us to relax and enjoy what this magic island in the Mediterranean has to offer. View the travelogue here:

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