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"Just Desserts"

Now here is a word which holds itself up to scrutiny in this world we live in today, "deserve".

Look at yourself and then tell yourself what you deserve.

Does Bill Gates deserve what he makes every minute because of Microsoft. Did Steve Jobbs the owner of the Apple Empire deserve to die so young. Did little Daniel deserve to be starved to death?

Isn’t there no such thing as, getting what you deserve?

We watch desperate people holed up in boats trying to flee war torn countries and being sold as slaves in the year 2013. Did they deserve to be born into a country which would become ravaged with war and in which they and their families would starve if they did not spend weeks holed up in boats trying to get to somewhere they could earn money to perhaps save those families.

Do people in this country deserve to have extra bedrooms in a property; bedrooms that they can live without; when they fail to get a job to pay the rent?

Do politicians deserve to get all those expenses when the rest of the country has to pay their own?

Do we deserve strawberries and cream because Wimbledon is on, do we treat ourselves to them because we deserve them.

No there is no such thing as ‘just desserts’ in our lives. If everyone got what they deserved you would not have footballers and the people who manage them getting hundreds of thousands of pounds a week while children are born to people who cannot feed them. Tell me that movie star or footballer ‘deserves’ what they get.

Yet the advertisers use this world to subliminally persuade people to buy goods that they often do not need at all; but they can go out without guilt and spend! Spend! Spend! on luxury goods while half the world is starving because they must keep the wheels of industry going and anyway don’t they ‘deserve’ it?

Luxury cars, houses, cruises, jewels, they are all there for you, if you have the ‘money’ to spend but they do not relay that in the advertisement, money is never mentioned, but you are told that You deserve! You deserve! You deserve!

We see criminals thriving, perhaps they are getting their ‘just desserts’, it is only money after all.

But when you are running through the pouring rain trying to get to work on time and the luxury cars are spraying you with the water of the road do you feel they have got what they deserve and you have got what you deserve?

No life is not fair; but please take away the words ‘I deserve’ for they are an assault to anyone who thinks.

No one deserves anything at all.

In this life it is what you can get; it is now getting no questions asked in many cases as long as you get.

It appears today that getting is what constitutes your just desserts, if you can get it then you must have deserved it.

Not in my book, ever.


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