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Short, Sweet and to the Point


I come now to the end of an era in this series

I am signing off for a while - but join me on my website.

Perhaps I have got my message across to someone, who knows, this is the double edged sword that the internet is in all aspects of our lives.

The ying and the yang of life does not show more clearly anywhere more than here on this machine. For it is a machine, at the end of the day this is nothing but an information highway and the more information people can get the better for our society as a whole.

However it is not only those who wish to better our society who use the internet. The joy of it is that it is open to all and one must treat it as having a life of its own in that you take from it what you wish to take and avoid what you do not.

Children need to be taught how to do this as they are vulnerable and enter into a world which they shape as they progress. Many fail to progress to their true potential because they fall into the traps set in life and on the internet which is a life all of its own.

However you need energy to use the internet, it cannot be powered by brain power alone. You cannot stand on the top of a mountain without a machine that will give you that access to the world wide web; but you can feel the wind in your hair and you can see the vistas open up in front of you.

Let us all not lose sight of the fact that this is purely a machine and while it has a power of its own that power is nothing when it comes to what really matters in life. Like clean air, fresh water, warmth and the arms of someone who cares.

Machines will never simulate this.

So I am off up that mountain to feel the wind and the rain and not try and channel it through a machine which needs fuel and which stops me from seeking out reality and those things that really matter.

It will not be a miracle that will enable people to walk in a thousand years if we do not put computers into perspective, it will be switch your computer off and stand up and walk, if you can remember how.

Good luck.


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