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Are we better off today through technology?


Someone asked me this week – why is everything so different now to ten years ago even – why is life going so fast in one direction?

The person who asked me is seeking a partner, she is seeking a relationship and wants to know what is wrong.

Social engineering is what is wrong. No longer is it boy meet girl and they bring up their children to do the same, which has been happening since time immemorial, except for one or two minor changes. Well the changes are no longer minor.

Divorce was made easy which is why so many 30 something’s, forty something’s and even 50 and 60 something’s are now in the market for love, or sex or whatever it is that floats their boats.

These people are seeking what the advertisers tell them they deserve, they are entitled to and they should go and get.

But where can you meet a partner now?

Pay us our blood money and we will show you all possibilities.

The world has opened up, but like a tin of worms there are so many in there, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Everyone is being connected through machines, there is no longer deep soul searching and truth and commitment. Why commit when the world is your oyster and you can do what you want, when you want and just pay money for the privilege.

Remember the out of town store, it opens its door and invites you in to browse and see what is on offer, then you choose and pay by the door. Well people today have been sent shopping for their wildest cravings and led to expect, through the advertisements, a life of bliss, once you have paid at the door. You see when life was devalued money was also.

Love, commitment and marriage even is not about paying someone.

It used to be joked that all the best things in life are free, but now it is a joke for all the best things in life have been willingly given up by the very people who seek them through a machine.

Make sure you look your best, make sure you visit a beauty salon, men and women both, make sure you do not have a stray hair where hair is supposed to be, that is anathema to this life of expectation and deservitude.

You deserve the best, haven’t you worked for it, now go out and take it, but hey, hang on a minute; we cannot all get the best, can we?

According to the advertisers of course we can, we can be matched up with our ideal partner who was living next door but it has cost you six months subscription to read their messages, hundreds of pounds for hair removal and ten years of your life with worry about those stray hairs.

We gave up our ability to create when we were persuaded that it was cheaper to buy from foreign parts and now we have been persuaded to give up our right to look into the eyes of possible partners living in our locality for the bigger sea where millions of fish swim.

So most people will spend their whole lives looking for that which they were entitled to, that which they deserve, causing depression and anxiety.

So this lack of partners to weather life’s storms together is bringing the same feeling of hopelessness and we all land up being a singular person in that huge ocean of fish.

The feelings of despair and hopelessness are real, created by an illusion of life which people have taken aboard, pushed on to them by advertisers who are only after one thing. Yes you guessed it, money, money, money.

Remember the kitchen advertisement with no kettle, no dog basket, no dog food or cat food spread about the floor, no one lived there.

Remember the out of town store, they did not want to see you only your money.

Well remember the pubs, the dances, the local social meeting places where everyone knew everyone, strangers were soon never strangers again and where everyone’s idea of what they deserved was pretty much what they got.

Every aspect of our lives will be processed through a machine if we give up our rights to be free individuals and think for ourselves.

Remember the trains where everyone is linked to a place far away but could be sitting next to an alien and would not know.

Remember the supermarket checkout where the little green man goes through and pays for his groceries and the checkout operator did not notice he was green as she was too busy chatting to her mate on the next till.

Remember and think, think for yourselves before the time comes when we have no creativity, no social intercourse, no intercourse even, only through machines that take your money and leave you feeling you have lost something.

Yes you have lost something, you have lost life and you gave it up willingly.

If you want to know how control over our lives has been lost go back 50 years to the time when men did earn a wage of £5 per week. That was no fallacy it did happen. When working men brought home that wage they invariably rented their home.

Our rent at that time was 3 shillings and 9 pence a week. You put 1 shilling a week in the electricity meter and when the man came from the electricity board he poured the whole meter full of shillings onto your kitchen table and counted out two piles. The big pile was for the electricity board and the small pile was slid across the table to the householder who duly signed the slip and enjoyed the rebate.

Everyone got excited when the electricity meter man turned up; we were all rich that day.

Who gets excited now when their gas or electricity bill arrives? Many are too afraid to open them.

Vets then only visited farms, no one else even thought of visiting with their domestic animals.

We lived in a coal mining area and so all our cooking and heating was courtesy of our free coal.

So my mother retained out of my father’s wage of £5  - 4 pounds 15 shillings and 3 pence ( £4.15d.3p) a week – which money she managed.

That is a massive 95% of my father’s wage left after paying the household bills.

We had no fridges, no electric cookers, no television or licenses to pay for, no cable television channels, no mobile phone bills or telephone bills.

How much of your wage do you get left to manage today?

I bet it is not over 95% after all bills and standing charges are paid.

So we have been given all manner of wonderful things, but look what they have cost us, look how our lives are now sown up by what we own.

Think and the world thinks with you.

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