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Introducing a new website that is

different to all others

A website that features personalities from all walks of life who love the town of Neath.

To introduce the new website we feature Katherine Jenkins as pictured below.   We show Katherine as she comes back to visit her old school.

Visit this site regularly to see the many others we have lined up for future editions to tell you how they love Neath.

Here's the link to remember - click on it now and get a taster for the future....



Remember, "tk" means TO KNOW

This new website is brought to you by the editorial team of the NEATH GUARDIAN website who aim to go that one mile further than any other community website.

The team is continually on the look out for new ideas - especially from those who love the town of Neath.

Have you see our BOOK OGGLE and POEM OGGLE pages?   They are listed in our Menu.


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