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How many people class themselves as leaders? Not many, which is why we are so easily led as a nation.

Food for thought this week; how about, every man, woman and child becomes a leader.

It cannot happen I can hear your shouts!!   For then there will be no one to lead.

But yes there will be; you only have to lead yourself.

No man needs an army to lead, he just leads himself in the direction he wishes to go and he becomes a leader.

I do not want to lead other people; I want them to lead themselves.

I copy other people, if I see something they are doing or have done that I can achieve myself I will copy them and achieve it. We are mimics as people, we will always learn from others, but we do not have to be led like a bull with a ring through his nose to lead ourselves.

I might copy one thing from someone but that does not mean I am going to copy everything for the rest of my life from that person. That person might be copying me tomorrow.

So now we come to Twitter, who do you follow? Why do you follow? Because everyone else is following? How did you find the people to follow, were they suggested to you by the great god search engine who gives your personal information to governments?

I bet a lot of them were suggested to you.

Individual thought is life enhancing, it is uplifting. If you can think for yourself you are free of being led by the nose. So try it, remember when you went into that supermarket and came out with the one thing you went in there for, that feeling of euphoria, individual thought hands you that feeling minute by minute.

Be a leader, walk down the street and be in command of yourself for once. If you need that pint of milk then go get it, carry it under your arm and walk down your street and know that every footstep you take is planned by you for you and not by anyone else.

Don’t forget that YOU have YOUR best interests at heart, the person you follow who has 6 million followers does not even know you exist, so why do you give them your time?

I am a leader, by nature I cannot be led, it makes me odd, it makes me different, but I relish that difference and for me  looking in on Twitter is like looking in on a run-down restaurant where I decide before I enter the door I do not want to eat.

Come out into space, come out into life, lead yourself and be yourself. It is good.

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