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 Selfishness or something more sinister?

Something I touched on quite some time ago was the number of transgender males there appear to be today, extremist behavior and the altering of fish in our rivers.

We all know the brain can be persuaded to like things that perhaps initially we did not. Take for instance certain foods, it is often called developing a taste. If you were stuck on a desert island and only had coconuts to eat for 5 years then were rescued I bet you would want to eat coconut even though you no longer had to.

Yes the brain gets used to what it is being fed and adopts it as the norm.

Does the brain also get used to what it is seeing, hence the normalization of internet porn. We call it getting immune but is it an acceptance by the brain that if we see this often enough then it must be normal?

So the perfect kitchen we see in the advertisements is obtainable. Porn is acceptable.

Now we come to the transgender male. Something hit me like a ton of bricks when speaking to the transgender male, who I know well and have watched change into someone who 5 years ago I would not have recognized.

He is looking forward to the time when he will be a woman permanently. He is prepared to have operations to his once male body to make it into something he knows exists. I am not so sure. You see when I asked him if he would be satisfied after having these operations to look like Norah Batty not Madonna he was horrified. No!No!No! He spluttered, don’t be stupid, I would look after myself, and I would look beautiful.

The transgender males I have seen do tend to look after themselves. Money appears to be no problem with wigs, painted nails, sexy underwear and glossy high heels. They might look bizarre but there is nothing of the Norah Batty about them.

So I asked, when you look in the mirror and you are dressed in all your finery what do you see? I was told, a beautiful pair of legs in sexy stockings, a svelte body dressed in a gorgeous basque, protruding breasts with just the right amount of cleavage.

Then I had my eureka moment.

You know when an anorexic looks in the mirror and sees fat but the rest of us who do not inhabit that body see skin and bone; well the transgender does not see what we do either, they are seeing a distorted image of themselves.

What does this have to do with selfishness? Bear with me while I explain my side of it.

I am a woman, I have always been a woman, because I was a woman I became a mother, loved my children and struggled to bring them up the best I could as circumstance allowed.

I protected them, I nursed them and I suffered with them and always will. I should imagine half the time I was nearer to a Norah Batty look alike than Madonna but circumstances decreed, time was limited and I never found the time to raise a family, support a husband and spend money and time on looking like Madonna.

To me this is what being a woman is, sacrifice for the sake of others. Children you brought into the world and for whom you are responsible. Yes most mothers put themselves second.

Today imagery is paramount. We are inundated with images of how we should look and has the brain at last been persuaded that the norm is that as a woman you should look like Madonna or you have failed.

To look sexy and polished costs money, we have transgender males having operations and hormone treatments on the NHS which cannot afford cancer drugs.

This to me is not the sacrifice of a woman but selfishness bred of a distortion of what I see as the norm.

My norm is trying your best with what you have but first and foremost to protect those who are your responsibility.

Imagery and the media today have people spending money, that should go on nurturing their children, on finery to create an image which is totally false, from my point of view.

We hear of drug addicts spending their money on drugs and neglecting their children, well is there a whole new breed out there that are doing exactly the same as the drug addict and neglecting their children for the sake of imagery?

I know how much time, effort and money it takes to raise a family and the majority of people struggle constantly to give their children what they need for what we see as a decent and protected upbringing.

When there is one pool of money then if it is spent on sexy lingerie, make up and hormone treatments then someone else will be suffering unless that person is quite wealthy.

So we have a whole section of society whose prime purpose is to look good, but it is quite often at someone else’s cost.

This is what I see as the selfishness of those people who will ensure they look good and see that as their prime purpose in life.

We are inundated with people who are held up as icons and idols. You must emulate them or fail.

People are afraid of failure, in fact people are just afraid.

They are afraid of not looking good, afraid of losing their job, afraid of a phone call from the bank or the credit card company, afraid of switching internet suppliers in case they will not have access to the great telecommunication network for some time and afraid of the next move the Government is going to make which might mean more jobs gone.

I am old enough to remember Russia being the bogey man, now it appears the bogey man is closer to home, in fact it is within our homes and it is called telecommunication and media.

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