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Is Russia Right with its Gay Laws?

“Tuesday, Russia's lower house of parliament passed a law against the "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations" (i.e. propaganda from "the gays"). The vote was of 436 in favor, 0 against.”

The first thing I noticed was the word – propaganda – I call it advertising – but I have for a long time felt that much is being forced down the throats of many without them even being aware of it.

I believe the Russians are right to do what they have. It is propaganda that causes corruption of systems and could in young vulnerable children’s lives leave them more confused than ever.

Let’s get this right, I am not homophobic in the least, and my family like many others is peppered with alternative living patterns, as is the norm today. What I have got issue with is people forcing gay rights marches and badges down my throat.


I have been heterosexual all my life and have never had leanings to be anything other than heterosexual so where is my badge? Where is my ‘heterosexual pride march’? No I get nothing.


Much like children in school, the bright get rewarded, the dismal get extra help but the backbone of the school, the middle ground who cause no turmoil, but who never manage to quite be the top brass, pass through unnoticed.

Take the cases of child abuse we have recently witnessed. Where are the accolades to all those wonderful mothers out there who have protected and nurtured their children through thick and thin and brought them up to be healthy people who do the same for their children.


How many books do you see exploding on to our bookshelves about my middle ground life and my un-extraordinary children. How many biographies do you see where the mothers are blamed for everything under the sun, yet the children become someone by telling about it.

The gay rights culture stands side by side with all extremities. Gay rights marches should go hand in hand with heterosexual marches, but they do not. The heterosexual core in our society today just get on with it and do not rub anyone else’s nose in the dirt to be noticed.

Being gay today gets one noticed more than being what we used to regard as the ‘norm’. Well I am proud to be ‘normal’ but I have no need to make everyone else ‘normal’. Any gay people can carry on and do what they want; but as for encouraging my family with propaganda or advertising to support gay marches etc – “this is now the norm join in” – no sorry. They will be brought up in the same environment as I have been brought up in and if their sexual orientation leans towards a minority group then I wish them well but I expect them to get on with whatever makes them happy and live with whoever they wish.


But if they wish to walk down streets in gay marches with brightly painted finger and toenails then I am afraid I will have to walk beside them with a placard saying – heterosexual and proud.

Yes Russia is spot on, do what you wish but do not thrust what you want down the throats of innocents in the hope they will join your group.


Gays are still a minority, if there is a seismic shift in sexual orientation and they eventually become the ‘norm’, then surrogate mothers will be worth a fortune and perhaps being the biggest group they will have to face the aggressive march of heterosexuals vying for their rights.


Let us hope if your group are then in power, you will make laws, such as Russia have, to protect the innocents, something we should all be trying to do for their and our futures.


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