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16 June 2014
Ray Milland Way

How about RAY MILLAND WAY as a name for the Neath's South Access Road ?

A Neath resident who went to the same school as Ray Milland (the Gnoll School) and showed his films while working as a projectionist at the Neath Empire Cinema, suggests that the Neath South access road should be named after him as a tribute to a great film star and the pleasure he has given the residents of Neath

When he went to Hollywood he changed his name from Jones to Milland, an area of Neath which is higlighted on the NPT CBC website - see below:

The name suggested by the reader would certainly promote the Millands Industrial Estate and would help to put Neath on the map.

Here is a YouTube tribute to Ray Milland:

  Another suggestion for the road name: William Squire Way

As a stage actor, Squire performed at Stratford-upon-Avon and at the Old Vic, and notably replaced his fellow-countryman Richard Burton as King Arthur in Camelot at the Majestic Theatre on Broadway. One of his first film appearances was in the 1956 film Alexander the Great, which starred Burton in the title role.

A Neath resident says that William Squire lived in Florence Street, which was demolished to make way for the South access road.  

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