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19 May 2014
History Query

Rewriting History

by Landra Whitehouse

So it seems Google may be forced to allow people to write themselves out of internet history. Is this censorship of the internet? It seems the EU can interfere with the internet yet cannot do anything about the porn industry and the grief it is causing by tempting people, especially young people, to become addicted to the internet and sex.

We have seen evidence concerning the effect extreme sex can have on young people. We have seen evidence concerning how easy it is for very young children to access this extreme sex and yet it appears no one can do anything about it.

But the truth, put into print for posterity so that we should not forget it, is to be tampered with. The internet must become the conscience of the masses. Every time there is an election in our democracy it is possible to look back and see who was up for grabs at the last election. Every time someone sends out a contradictory statement, previous words can be pointed out to them by internet history to help them to remember what they have said previously. Yet people want this facility curtailed and the EU is helping them to have the ability to do it. So we do not have the truth mapped out for all to see, we have what people want you to see, while that they do not wish you to remember is hidden from you for ever.

Why should politicians be allowed to rewrite history? Why should we not have proof of what has gone before, not one persons viewpoint?

It is time these politicians took seriously their role of managing the affairs of the people, on their behalf, not of hiding their own mistakes and allowing all and sundry to addict young people to the seediest part of the internet while holding up their hands and saying, we cannot interfere.

Tell the truth, let history stand and rewrite the future for our children by keeping them out of harm’s way. Curtail that which needs to be curtailed and do not spend time saving your own backs to the detriment of truth and justice for all. 

Ed Note.... Landra has a new cutting edge column in the Neath Ferret from which this is reprinted.


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