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12 May 2014
Who am I ????

Who am I?

I am the backbone of this land. I am the person who has lived through this place being called Britain, Great Britain, The United Kingdom. It did not matter to me what it was called, it was my home. I have watched successive governments stamp their own authority on this land.  I am the person who does not break the law. I am the person who changes but remembers my culture and who I am.

I am the backbone of the political system.  I live in this democracy and allow the majority to rule as they see fit. I do not cheat, I do not lie and I teach my children the same ethics.

Not until now have I felt that my land was changing in a way which I cannot embrace.  I am being fed foods by stealth, which a minority are dictating I shall eat. Who asked me if I wanted to eat meat which has been blessed by someone who holds religious views which are not mine?  

I was told, that all animals had to be stunned before being killed. I accepted that. I watched the bench where the pigs were killed being chopped up. I accepted the ruling from those who chose to govern that I could no longer keep pigs as I always had and feed them my household waste. I accepted that all the meat I ate had to be killed in a licensed abattoir for the sake of the animals and because we had become a civilised society with rules I must adhere to. I obeyed.

Then I find that the meat handed to me by my supermarket, who I am asked to trust, has been blessed by a stranger within a religion that has nothing to do with me and which I do not wish to become a part of and killed for me to eat in a manner which I was told was wrong.

Was I lied to when I was told it was more humane for animals to be killed the old way? Who will answer these questions in order that the backbone of this land will know if their voice is still heard even if they choose to not follow a religion that it seems is being foist onto us by stealth.

Ed Note..... Can you guess who the author is?

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