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14 April 2014
I wish this was the road home!

            "I wish this was the road home"

My dad Vernon Davies, was born in a small village called Abergarwed in the Neath valley

During the 2nd world war, dad joined the RAF and his neighbour Doug Guard joined the Army

Dad was a flight mechanic but never knew of the whereabouts of his neighbour, in the world,  his profession in the army and often thought about Doug as they were great mates, 

Dad was eventually posted to Karachi, my mother would receive letters from dad to say where and how he was, and would read them to Doug's wife Mary. next door

Mary  told my mum that her Doug was also posted abroad, and they must be a million miles away

One evening, dads  RAF mates decided to go and see a film which was shown in the open air cinema many sand dunes away, I can re-call that he mentioned  the sand lizards which were attracted by the projector light  crawling all over the screen,

  As dawn began to break over the dessert, the lads had to head back to the RAF camp, but as they were late they would miss out on breakfast,  one of the lads told them that there was an army camp not far from where they were, and they served and cooked a good breakfast,

So with the taste of a good breakfast on their tongues, headed over the sand dunes and eventually arrived at the army camp, went in and sat down,

An army chap came over to serve them, dad looked up and said "Doug" good god" "Vernon" what on earth are you doing over here"

“I wish this was the road home to Abergarwed"

Mike Davies


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