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07 April 2014
Morals do still count

Yes morals do still count

by Landra Whitehouse

All politicians appear to be sitting on the fence and hedging their bets when it comes to expenses because they are all afraid they will be the next.

So let’s get honesty back. If they were acting in the interests of the people they represent they would not ‘scam’ the system and get out what they could but they would do the right and decent thing and only claim out of pocket expenses.

Is it that the lunatics really have taken over the system? Are people without scruples now ruling our country? We need to ask ourselves this question, as if the people who sit in parliament, or the welsh assembly have no scruples, then how did they get elected in the first place? Did anyone knock at your door and tell you that they had no scruples and they would take out of the system everything they could legally lay their hands on or did they lie to you and tell you they would work for you if you voted for them?

There are standards, there is honesty and there are people who would not sell their soul for money. We just need to find them and support them.

In my world morals and good behavior do count. Do we tell our children it is ok to ‘scam’ any system? Do we tell our children it is ok to not have any morals as long as they make money? I do not and does that mean I am holding my children back by not allowing them to be crooked. I do not want my children to ‘scam’ any system. I want them to get their just rewards but firstly and foremost I want honesty brought back into a system that has lost all credibility in my eyes. A system full of cowardly people who still continue to take from a system which does not have enough money in it to feed those who must go to food banks to survive.

I want my children to have the same chance as others but I do not wish to allow my children to become cheats and scammers as many of our politicians have proved they are.

How can you look up to someone who has ‘scammed’ a system and tried to get away with it and even attempted to bully those who wished to expose wrong doing. The NHS has spent millions paying people to keep quiet when it is running out of money and cannot afford drugs for sick people. Paying them to stay quiet and to not rock the boat by saying the truth. This is wrong. People must not hold on to their jobs when they are not doing them properly. People must own up if their job is a non job. We need to bring back decency, honor and uprightness. Until we do then the system has been taken over by the lunatics. For only lunatics would believe that they can get away with behavior such as this without repercussions.

Landra Whitehouse writes for the Neath Ferret

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