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10 March 2014
A look at Neath Abbey


A look at Neath Abbey

with Mike Davies

Neath Abbey was established in 1129 AD when Sir Richard de Granville, one of the Twelve Knights of Glamorgan, gave 8,000 acres (32 km²) of his estate in Glamorgan, Wales to Savigniac monks from western Normandy. 
The first monks arrived in 1130. Following the assumption of the Savigniac order into the Cistercian order in 1147, Neath Abbey also became a Cistercian house. 
The Abbey was ravaged by the Welsh uprisings of the 13th century, and eventually dissolved by King Henry VIII of England in 1539
 At this time, the Abbey was turned into a large estate. Sir Philip Hobby was the last occupant of the estate.

Neath Abbey was established in 1129 AD

    Dark skies add to the mysterious atmosphere of the abbey
Here we have images filmed both in winter and summer; if anyone has not visited the abbey put it on their next to do list. It is easy accessible for both the disabled and able and entrance is free
I also think Neath Council (as a tourist area) should advertise this historical abbey, for visitors and locals to see for themselves.
What an impressive abbey it must have been, as it was  once the largest abbey in Wales .
We are so fortunate in having this impressive abbey on our doorstep.

The abbey is a favourite place for filming on location which includes among others,
 “The coming of Merlin” BBC Wales and Dr. Who BBC Wales
  Two images of the above are included at the end of the show -
  To view the show see below:  (its best to view full screen)

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