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24 February 2014
Landra speaks out - briefly

Why has life become a one way street?

Taken from the Cutting Edge - Neath Ferret

I am absolutely fed up with being fed data and information. I think I have reached saturation point. Never mind who you are dealing with, should you go on the internet, or on the telephone, or to a place in person, data is thrown at you from every angle. Should you be waiting on the telephone you are constantly barracked with information, much of it useless to most people, but it is what the company or utility or whoever wants to tell you. This data is being fed to millions and you are forced to listen to it. How many give up and don’t bother to ask their question? Is it millions daily? I have a sneaky feeling it might be. All the time you are being fed this information, all you want is to talk to someone and ask them a question. Hang on, a question? But that would mean you have thought for yourself. Now is there a leaflet covering that? There must be somewhere.

No longer is any one person or body accountable for anything. The corporate face has invaded every part of my life. No longer must I think or question, the answer is out there somewhere, don’t ask me, go and look for it.

We are being fed information that someone somewhere says we need, materials and technology that we are told we desire. Yet look around, people are wearing clothes that do not suit them, clothes that do not suit our climate, eating foods they are told ( by information highways) is really good for them when all the time a lot of it is lies, manipulation of figures and persuasion just to sell a product.

How do I opt out? How do I not take in any more information but just give out my needs. Sorry, there is a 72 page form to fill in for anyone not listening to what they are being told. I do not want to listen; I do not want to adhere to what someone else says I need; I need someone somewhere to listen to me and I can tell them the small thing that I cannot find the answer to, which is all I want to know.

Oh dear I was just cut off. It seems I have gone too deep for the system and it has short circuited. Never mind, I know what I want even if no one listens, without me filling in that 72 page form. I shall just sit here and wait, no doubt the taxman, the traffic warden, the police and the tv licence man will find me eventually. I just hope they do something and not tell me to fill in that 72 page form. I only want to know if I do not fill it in what will happen. Can someone tell me?

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