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17 February 2014
Mike and his jumper in the news

Mike's jumper in the national newspapers 

It was the year Elvis first hit the UK charts and Barbie appeared on shop shelves — but it was also the first year a Neath man put on a much loved jumper.
Mike Davies, of Cadoxton, had the Buffalo-clad knit made for him by his mother in 1959.
And now, 55 years later — a year longer than the woman who featured in the Evening Post earlier this week with a beloved cardigan — Mr Davies is still wearing the creation.
Now nearly 70, Mr Davies, an avid photographer, was given the cosy clothing aged just 15.
And it seem he’s lucky enough not to have had an ever-expanding waistline as he got older, as he still wears it today.
He said he was prompted to send in his story, after reading the tale of Pam Hopkins, and a 54-year-old cardigan she’d been wearing since 1960.

Mike writes:
"I, along with my twin brother, had these jumpers knitted in Canadian wool by our mum in 1959, we were 15 years old, and can still both fit into these jumpers now at nearly 70 years of age.

They are like new condition, very warm, and ideal for the winter weather, especially in the snow."

Mike said his mum had the wool from a shop in Swansea and created a Buffalo jumper for him and a ships design for his brother, Patrick
Mike went on to say: "I think she ordered patterns from Canada, and we chose what we wanted on them.  My wife has looked after it very well, it’s in the drawer with my other jumpers and when it’s snowing, it’s the first thing I put on. It’s wonderful that it still fits after all these years."

Mike laughed when he read a reader's comment that the jumper were wearing better than the wearers!

And here is Mike's twin Pat still wearing his jumper:

Mike tells us that he is ten minutes older than Pat, his twin brother. Both  are pictured below wearing their 55 year year old jumpers.

Mike tells us he was surprised and delighted when the Western Mail, Daily Mail and DailyTelegraph picked up the story.  See Daily Mail clip below:

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