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16 December 2013
Heritage flash back

A look back in time

Jeff Griffiths, son of the family business, says that the shop previously owned by the Arnolds and taken over by my father, Emrys Griffiths, in 1947 who then ran it until its closure in 1997, a full 50 years. In those latter years, parties of schoolchildren were brought there to see what a traditional corner shop store looked like as it was just about the last of its type in the town I guess. Dad used to slice bacon and pat the butter himself for customers. The shop served across the social spectrum as it was situated in an area known as The Green which had poor quality industrial housing which started to be pulled down from the late 1950s with many people then relocated to the new housing estates on the perimeter of the town. In the latter years, as other independent grocers in the town folded, Dad picked up a more well-to-do clientele who still preferred face-to-face service across the shop counter and guaranteed home delivery, not your new fangled supermarket style!

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