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09 December 2013
A review too far!

Ricky's film link deleted from menu

Following complaints and comments from several readers regarding Ricky Hobson's film review of 'Blue is the Warmest Colour', his link has been deleted from our menu.    Readers thought it was a review too far and beyond the bounds of normal decency.

In fairness to Ricky, he did give a warning about the content at the start of the review.   What tipped the balance was bringing his own sexuality and feelings into the write-up - something that readers believe was totally uncalled for.

The Neath Guardian editorial team feel it cannot condone reports of this nature - hence our action.

It should be added that Ricky's Film Reviews can still be seen on the Internet - it is just that they are no longer available through this website.

PS..... While on the subject of our menu, we have deleted several other items to make it shorter and more compact.

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