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02 December 2013
Ricky's Blue Review

Is Ricky's Blue Review too blue?

by John Phillip

Old fashioned prudes like myself will not like Ricky Hobson's film review of 'Blue is the Warmest Colour' and the fact that he gave 10/10 for it.   In fact, I rather suspect he enjoyed doing this write-up - more than I enjoyed reading it, because it made me squirm.   Am I odd, or is Ricky?

On the other hand he may have written it as he saw it - maybe his morals did not enter into it, if he has got any, that is?

Perhaps it may be a case of standards and morals going down the pan.   Sex is one thing, a natural function, but to flaunt it and highlight this way maybe going too far.

It could be said that if these things happen in real life then why not film it - but for entertainment?

Certain acts between adults we know take place - but I think it is wrong to lower our standards and make it public entertainment and write about it in this way.  I just wonder what would Landra Whitehouse have to say about this?    As for Mary Whitehouse, I bet she is turning over in her grave.

Mary Whitehouse? - I bet Ricky Hobson has never heard of her, or what she stood for!    See our page 3 for more details.

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