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18 November 2013
Paul Johnson writes

My visit to the Paul O'Grady Show on ITV

Paul Johnson is a blind DJ at Tircoed Radio.   Here he writes to us in his own words (copied and pasted, as received) about his visit to the Paul O'Grady show on ITV 1 where he met Sir Cliff Richard.

"Here is a sumary of my day in London,

dennis from the radio station came as my guide,

and we left in the taxi at 11 o'clock from my house,

we had a meal first of all in the expresso, had fish and chips,

as i was looking to steak, mushrooms, and chips but the grand hotel, didnt serve meals until 12 o'clock althou denn, had been down the day before and they had promised him they would cook us what ever we wanted.

we left swansea for london at halfpast 12, when we got near cardiff, the conductor, announced that i was going to be on the paul ogradie show, so had alot of people coming up to me.

in cardiff a little boy got on with a couple,

and started to play a talking game, denn and i thought to ourselvs, not suitable for a train, as it was very loud,

but after we found out the boy was only 2 years old, this couple had adopted him, as he had come over from russia,

and they were taken him to grait orman street hospital, to have a liver transplant, it made me think we got a lot to be thankfull for.

when we were near london, the train, had to come to a stop, because one of the brakes, was smoking, so we were 10 minuts late getting in.

we got a taxi to the south bank studios, and was met by kate, one of the paul ogradie team at halfpast 4,

she showed us to our seats, and andy who did the wrm up before the show went through a few things, with us.

then the big moment came.

the show started with paul ogradie and olga the dog, then alan karr,

after that paul ogradie spoke to cliff, then cliff came out in to the croud, and said i am looking for a blind radio presenter, name paul johnson,

i couldnt belive it cliff taken me up on stage, i felt so pleased that i had to share a few tears, i felt so proud and priviliged to be on stage with paul ogradie and most importantly cliff richard, it was a dream come true for me, had a big baskit of cliff richard things, a signed cd, and dvd, 2 cliff richard jackets, a cliff teashirt, and a cliff calinder.

after cliff had sang his song they took me to sit back by denn, after the show, a lot of the croud watching the show came over to talk to me,

then denn and i were invited in to the green room and i had my photo taken with paul ogradie, then had a glass of wine to celabrate.

denn and i also had itv goodie bags, in them was a paul ogradie pen, and jotta pad, sweets and a few other bits and peaces,

we had a shopha driven misadies to take us back to the station,
when we got on the train to come back to swansea it was standing room only as on the last train, someone was going to comitte suiside and the police was involved, but we were lucky as our seats was booked,

after i had my sandwitchis i had a sleep, when i woke up had a long chat with a gentleman, i have known for years but havent seen for a while, ian who is a nurse and had been teaching in london the same day.

we got back in to swansea station at quarter to 11,

it was a enjoyable day, and a big thank you to denn, for being my guide, also to my mother for her help and support, to our old friend margaret, and bob and mike from the radio station, for the nice things they said,

and thanks to you all for your support not just now, but all the year around, means alot

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