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11 November 2013
Skeleton discovered at Welfare Hall

Skeleton discovered at Welfare Hall

A venue that goes back in time

During a photo shoot at a local welfare hall in the Neath valley, a strange image appeared on the cameras of two of the photographers.  It appeared to be a skeleton on the balcony, which was not visible to anyone present.

The two photographers first thought it was the result of a halloween event - but the hall is closed to the public and no-one has been inside it for several years, the last film shown there was in the 1990's.

The name of the hall cannot be disclosed until an investigation takes place.   A member of a paranormal group who 'read' old buildings has been told about the mystery image and it is likely that they may be interested in the strange phenomena.

As far as the cameramen are concerned, they can't wait to go back again and have a closer look, saying that it is all very difficult to believe, especially as they did not see it in the first instance with their naked eyes.

The visit to the hall was like going back in time, a time warp, untouched by modern developments and a reminder of how things used to be.  Pictured right is the film projector, untouched by time.

The answer is on the Resolven & District News website - see our menu.

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