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28 October 2013
Paul Potts trailer

A trailer of Paul Pott's film just released

Don't forget, you can now see this full screen on your lounge TV

A bit more about this.   Ricky (Ricky's Film Reviews - in menu) reviews this film in depth and surprisingly only gives it 3/10.   You must read the review to find out why the low score.   As for our local readers, there may be more interest because Paul Pott's lives on our doorstep in a villa on the old Baglan Road that was formerly owned by a book-maker - a bookie.  The name given to the residence was 'Mugs Villa' because of the 'mugs' who made bets on horses from their hard earned wages.    At least Paul has something to show for his money (the villa) after the bets made on him winning Britain's Got Talent, which he of course did.

A side story to all this is that a local musician (whom we will not name) made a CD called 'UP ON THE ROOF and the cover photograph was taken on the roof of Paul's Villa before he bought it.  Thinking that Paul would like to hear the CD, the musician sent him a copy saying that the previous owner had allowed him to play in the villa's music room.    Sadly there was no reply from Paul, who no doubt has been a very busy man, which may be the reason for the no response.   Never-the-less it was, and still is, a big disappointment to a fellow not so lucky local artiste.

Shown above is a cropped shot from the mentioned CD

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