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26 October 2013
Launch of a new way to watch TV

From this

To this in 87 years

87 years to the day of the Empire cinema opening on 26th October 1926, Neath again makes history with VISION ON.   A launch of a new website that contain videos that can be seen on your lounge television set:

Like this

and this

Vision On is visible on your computer screen AND also on the new smart TV sets  AND on all existing large screen TV sets via an Apple set top box (shown below), with, of course, an Internet connection.

What is available on Vision On?  Just watch the video below:





Vision On has been created for the residents of Neath and viewers of the World Wide Web in a joint venture by Mike Davies and Cled Griffin.    It is also a tribute to Tony Hart the television artiste who hosted a programme of the same name in the 1970's.

It has been launched on 26th October 2013 to commemorate the opening of the Empire Neath in the days of silent films.

The VISION ON website, which features over 50 videos, is shown below:-


Smart TV's

With the new 'Smart' TV sets, no additional set top box is need - just an Internet connection.  YouTube / Vision On becomes another channel.   Vision On - developed here in Neath.


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