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21 October 2013
More interest for a Neath Museum

Peter Hain writes in Face Book about a Neath Museum

Extract from Face Book:


Jason Reynolds (left) of Heritage Scene-Neath is absolutely delighted that members of the Neath Antiquarian Society are jumping on the band wagon for a Museum in Neath and says that the more that support the idea the better.

Jason Reynolds and his associates, Robert King author-historian and Keith Reed BA(Hons) local historian (right), actually want to go further than just having a museum, they have visions of including an art and craft centre where skills of by-gone ages can be an active part of a scene that displays our heritage.    The idea is to make it highly educational where schools and colleges can benefit from the project.

Unknown to many people associated with the heritage of Neath, Jason has done much work in the background and has captured the interest of a film company who makes documentary films for television, and a production is already being planned.

It was in 2012 that those involved with Heritage Scene-Neath met in the NPT CBC Mayor's parlour to hightlight their visions of the future - see photograph below.

Left to right: Mike Davies, Steven Phillps (Chief Executive), Cled Griffin, Cllr Mayor Martyn Peters, Jason Reynolds, Adam Amour, Cllr Ali Thomas (Council Leader).

Jason Reynolds adds that many of the art treasures formerly at the Gwyn Hall were removed from the building before the refurbishment commenced and are now locked away in secure storage.  It was during the refurbishment that the fire actually took place.  It is understood that Jason is currently making a photographic record of what is in storage ready for the public to eventually see what has been tucked away for several years.

Copied and pasted from the Neath Ferret website with kind permission.

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