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29 July 2013
Ricki's Film Reviews - a NEW feature

New on this website

We are delighted to add film reviews to this website.   At a touch of a button - see menu, you can read the latest film reviews by an  enthusiastic talented young man who is not afraid to speak his mind.   His webpage will be regularly updated, keeping the content fresh and interesting.   We welcome Ricky Hobson to the Neath Guardian - one of the fastest developing community websites in the UK.   Let's hope that the review link on this website will help Ricky to go places - and increase our readership at the same time.

See the new review button on our menu.

What can you expect?   How about this for a start?

"Have you ever stumbled upon one of those awfully boring films on an obscure channel late at night, and switched over.. ..then switched back somewhere near the end, to see if the killer got caught, but genuinely: You couldn’t give a s***t?

…welcome back"  

To read more you have to click on Ricki's menu button.

Lindsey Wallace of Book Oggle (menu) thinks the reviews are brilliant - see what she says below:-


Being reviewed this week


A film listed at the Apollo Cinema,  Port Talbot. The Wolverine.


Why not read Ricky's review first - it could save you money!  


Other the other hand, it may make you feel like seeing it.  




A reviewer reviews a reviewer

Lindsey Wallace writes about Ricki's reviews

" It is wonderful news to have Ricki Hobson on board at the Neath Guardian. There are not many places where you get something for free but this is exactly what Ricki is giving us readers.

Ricki is offering you a service where you can get an honest review of a film you could be just about to spend a small fortune taking your loved one/ones to see.

Don't have egg on your face, pop in and see what Ricki has to say first.

I have a sneaky feeling Ricki will not be doing it for free for long, but to be quite honest if I was about to spend fifty quid on popping along to my local cinema to watch a big screen offering then a quid or two to read Ricki's totally independent review would be money well spent.

So grab this freebie while you can and get on to Ricki's blog, read up the honest offerings he has and go along knowing it is worth paying for what you are about to see.

No vested interest, completely independent, Ricki is the 'Which?' of the film word. Grab him while you can and when you charge Ricki, I will give up my pound  without demur to know what I am really getting".

Lindsey Wallace is the reviewer and editor of BOOK OGGLE - see menu.

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