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08 July 2013
Neath Guardian Offer to Councillors

Neath Guardian website offer to Councillors

The Neath Guardian website team is making a free offer to make individual websites for all councillors.  In return councillors are asked to make a donation to the Heritage Scene-Neath project, which aims to help the council to have a heritage centre in the town.

The website is especially designed to require no maintenance and no attention.   The prime use would be the CONTACT ME form to enable residents to contact their councillor by email in the easiest possible way.   Messages written on the form would appear in the councillor's email inbox - it is as simple as that.   

Reduced size sample pages appear below.  Hosting is free in lieu of Google ads as shown in right hand column.

To view the website full size and in detail please click on the following link:

Those interested should contact the Neath Guardian website team using the CONTACT US form on this page.

NPT CBC could very well be the first local council in the UK to offer residents this direct contact facility in this simple form.

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