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17 June 2013
Ghost at Empire Walk?

Empire Walk - the latest news

Empire Walk - that is the new name for the development that is replacing the Empire Cinema Bingo Hall at the Rope Walk Neath.

It is less than a year since the 86 year old building was demolished and we understand that the heating for the new houses will be going on next week.   A team from Swansea University will check for cold spots with their thermal imagery cameras.

One wonders if they will come across anything of a supernatural nature like the paranormal group who visited the old building early last year, just weeks before demolition commenced.  The group found intense cold spots which were explained as a form of spiritual presence.

There was also the spiritual message that was picked up by one of the group: "This building may be going but I am going to remain here."

However it can be revealed that those working on the site have not yet come across anything unusual.    It now remains to be seen if the thermal image cameras will pick up anything that is not normal.

It is pure speculation as to whether any house will have a ghost to keep the occupier company.   Maybe the name of the development - 'Empire Walk' will be associated with the ghost and it will become the "Empire Ghost Walk'.

We will report back on any findings.

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