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27 May 2013
Moment of grief in nature

The weather is affecting our birds

A moment of grief in the bird world  - Mike Davies writes:

"My Blue tits have been very active over the last three weeks and then all of a sudden the activity stopped.

 We were outside and the male was calling, he was in distress, perhaps looking for his partner.

The last sighting of them on the web cam was the 18th, today May 25th, I could see a blue bottle fly in so I brought the nest out to see seven very very tiny babies - all dead, it was heart breaking.

I searched the web and I think it has been too cold, no bugs around to
feed them, I think this is more or less happening nation wide with the topsy turvy weather we are experiencing.

I guess we have to wait for next spring now in anticipation that they
will nest again."

Above photo was taken when all was well.

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