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27 May 2013
This is your wife!

Your wife on Page 3 ?

We are introducing a variation to our Page 3 to keep it fresh and interesting.  It comes under the heading of: This is your wife.   But the difference is the photo will be of your wife when you first met her.   Often no names will be mentioned, leaving the reader to guess who the young lady is.   Occasionally we may mention her maiden name - if given.

To all our male readers we ask you go back in time when you first met the lovely girl you eventually married.   Send in a photograph and see if others recognise her after her photo appears on our Page 3.   No doubt this feature will appeal to men who fondly look back to their courting days and the happy times enjoyed together.

Remember, Page 3 is still open to young ladies to want to get ahead in life.   If the right person sees your photograph it could lead to fame and fortune.

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