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06 May 2013
Have your say on the future of Neath


This week we are looking at a website created last year for Neath residents and business people to present ideas and suggestions for the future of their town.

We feel that more ideas and suggestions can be added to this website in order to give feedback to the planners.    There is no doubt about it, the planners should give the people of Neath what they want - after all, they have to live and work there.

Heritage Scene-Neath firmly believe that the heritage of Neath, which goes back hundreds of years to Roman and Norman times, will make the town different to all others with their carbon copy shopping centres.

A heritage centre displaying the millons of pounds of art treasures that the council has locked away out of sight could attract thousands of visitors into the town from all over the UK - and even from abroad.

What is wanted is a little vision, and the VISION FOR NEATH website can be a means of helping the planners to make Neath an outstanding town.

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