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22 April 2013
Landra Whitehouse on sex change

Landra Whitehouse speaks on sex change

Landra Whitehouse is an author and researcher who reaches parts where others dare not venture.   This week Landra looks at what is changing our society and has come up with facts and information that will disturb many people.   What is more, her findings are not totally confined to humans.  It appears that there is something happening in our world that is affecting many life forms.

Having said this, Landra's main concern reflects on the changes in our society, and looks at men changing their sex and/or dressing like women as in the photograph below, taken outside the Brangwyn Hall, Swansea, when the police supported an event as part of their campaign against hate crime directed against certain groups of people.    You should note that only men appear in the photograph:

Landra Whitehouse makes no moral judgements but looks at the possible causes of behaviour which seems to be changing as the population of the world increases.

Read what Landra Whitehouse has to say - look for her name in the menu.

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